What Is the Indramat F878 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat servomotors are no longer being made as the company no longer exists. However, some of the manufacturer’s legacy motors are still in use. While they have proved to deliver unrivaled performance with proper setup and operation, there are some instances where errors are inevitable.

Indramat has a list of error codes associated with servomotors for you to figure out what is wrong with them. The F878 is an error code displayed when an ECODRIVE drive controller is used. The corresponding error code when a MDD, DDC, DKS or DDS drive controller is used is 78.

Indramat drive controller manuals associate the F878 error code with a velocity loop error. When this error occurs, the velocity loop monitor appears, and three aspects occur simultaneously. The velocity loop interprets the speed of the movement of the load in a motion control system. This loop is widely deployed in machine controls where sensors determine the difference between the command and actual velocities.

Causes for the F878 Fault Code

The Indramat F878 fault code is caused when the disparity between the command and actual velocities is more than 10% of the maximum motor velocity. The variation also occurs when the current demand is the same or more than the peak current limit.

There are four main reasons why this disparity or variation occurs and causes the F878 fault code to be generated. Some of them are simple, while some of them are slightly complicated. The reasons are highlighted below.

  • The motor cable connection has not been done correctly.
  • The feedback is defective.
  • The control section of the drive controller is defective.
  • The velocity loop parameters have been set incorrectly.


How can the F878 error code be corrected?

The F878 error code can be corrected by identifying the cause of the error and taking the appropriate action. If the motor cable connection is loose, tighten it. On the other hand, if there is a defect in the cable, change the cable. If incorrect velocity loop parameters trigger the code, the velocity controller must be checked to see if it is within the specified operational parameters. On the other hand, if the feedback or the control section is defective, you must get the motor or drive controller replaced.

Can the F878 error code be resolved in-house?

Some F878 error code-related errors, such as a problem with the motor cable, can be corrected in-house. A defective or loosely connected cable can be addressed in-house in your factory. Similarly, you can set the parameters in-house if the error code is generated because of incorrect velocity loop parameters. However, if the error code signals needing a drive controller or a motor replacement, it is best to leave the task to professionals.

At Wake Industrial, we understand that no error is too trivial to be ignored. We can help you with getting any error code resolved. You can seek our help for the simplest problem, like changing the motor connection cable, or even more complicated fixes, like replacing the motor as a whole. If you need any part of the motion control system to be repaired, our professionals will get it done for you in minimum time.

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