What Is the Indramat F860 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Many factories that had their motion control systems set up for the first time around two decades ago are very likely to still be using Indramat products like motors, drive controllers, power supplies and more. This is because they are known to fail very rarely and have very high performance. While they do offer years of unrelenting performance, they tend to break down over time. When they do so, the display indicator of the drive controller highlights an error code.

Indramat error codes are of several types and the F860 fault code is a fatal error. As the name indicates, this is a very severe error that requires immediate attention and cannot be ignored. When any fatal error occurs, the drive cuts the torque off completely and shuts down, thereby terminating the system's operation until the required action is undertaken. The display portrays the F860 error code as two halves, F8 followed by 60, in an alternating pattern.

The user manual of the drive controller describes the F860 fault code as Overcurrent: short in power stage. The short circuit occurs when the current rating of the power transistor bridge is more than double the peak current rating of the drive controller. The holding brake of the motor, if present, gets engaged at once.

Causes for the F860 Fault Code

The surge in the current value of the power transistor bridge thereby resulting in the F860 fault code getting triggered takes place due to three major reasons as listed below.

  • There is a short circuit in the motor cable.
  • The power section of the drive controller is defective, malfunctioning or damaged.
  • The parameters of the current loop are incorrect.


What can be done to resolve the F860 fault code?

The first step towards resolving the F860 fault code is to look for a short circuit in the motor cable. The cable must be replaced if it shows signs of a short circuit. If there is no problem with the motor cable, you should check the power section for any kind of defect. If the section is defective, the entire drive controller must be replaced with another one of the same specifications. Finally, a check of the current loop parameters must be done and corrected if needed.

Can the F860 fault code be fixed in the factory premises?

The F860 fault code can be addressed in-house if the problem is with the motor cable or current loop parameters. The solutions to these problems are simple and can be carried out within the factory premises. For problems like a defective power section that needs the corresponding drive controller to be replaced, it is recommended that you seek professional help.

Wake Industrial can lend you a helping hand with the repair and/or replacement of any Indramat products. Our experts can assess the problem quickly and recommend various repair options. If you need a product replacement such as a drive controller because of a defect in any of its parts, we will be glad to help you with getting the right one from our factory. Our database also includes user manuals for various products if you need them.

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