What Is the Indramat F822 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat was always known for its drive controllers, encoders, power supplies, motors and more that are used in motion control systems. Each of these products is associated with error codes to help in troubleshooting them when a problem arises. The error code is highlighted on the status indicator of the ECODRIVE drive controller.

The encoder is essentially a measuring system with analog signals that are deployed for high-resolution analysis for the same system. These signals are monitored based on two factors – the pointer length and the maximum pointer length. The pointer length is determined from the cosine and sine signals and should be more than 1 volt. Similarly, the maximum pointer length derived from these signals should not exceed 11.8 volts.

The F822 error code is displayed as F8 followed by 22 in an alternating manner. This error code is portrayed as an encoder-related error and is generated when the analog signals generated are too small. The manual describes this error code as Encoder 1 failure: Signal amplitude wrong. The error can be cleared only after setting the drive controller in the parameter mode and not when it is in the automatic or manual mode.

Causes for the F878 Fault Code

The Indramat F878 fault code is very common and a fatal error code that has to be addressed immediately. The drive operation is suspended until an appropriate course of action is taken. There are three main reasons why the F878 error code is triggered.

  • The encoder cable is defective.
  • There is a disruption in the transmission of the feedback signal.
  • The encoder is malfunctioning or defective.


What remedial actions must be undertaken to resolve the F878 error code?

The first step towards the fix is to inspect the measurement system or encoder cable. There is likely a crack in the insulation of one or more wires of the cable. This may be because of worn-out insulation, an old cable or the cable getting pushed too much leading to its breakage. Whatever the reason, the solution is a simple cable replacement. If there is an interference in the signal transmission, make sure to separate the power and encoder cables by a considerable distance and provide shielding on the drive controller. Finally, if the problem arises because of a defective encoder, it is best to opt for a replacement.

Can the F878 error code be attended to in the factory?

Simple fixes like changing the encoder cable and ensuring sufficient distance between the power and encoder cables can be attended to in-house. However, if you are not well-versed in providing the required shielding or have only the know-how of the working of an encoder and no idea about its replacement, it is best to leave the job to people with the required expertise.

At Wake Industrial, we have an ample inventory of encoder cables for you to buy a few of them and keep them ready to use when the need arises. We also have people who are trained in replacing a faulty encoder with one in good working condition. You can also approach us for any other problem with your motion control system and any Indramat product or part replacement.

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