What Is the Indramat F818 Fault Code?

20 September, 2023


Indramat servo drives are an integral aspect of the manufacturer’s motion control system. During its existence, Indramat produced a gamut of servo drives to meet varying requirements. Some present-day motion control systems still rely on the manufacturer’s servo drives for their successful operation.

Indramat products are easy to troubleshoot with the fault codes displayed on the status indicator of the drive controller. This error code may be a two-digit code or a four-character alphanumeric code depending on the drive controller used. The F818 fault code is one such fault that may get highlighted by the status indicator over time.

It is natural for servo drives to dissipate heat when they are in use. They are designed to support a maximum operating temperature. If the temperature goes beyond the specified ambient temperature range, they can become very hot and cause the risk of damage to both the drives and the supporting electronics getting damaged. This makes it unsafe for the drive to resume running.

The F818 fault code is described in the user manual as a Drive Overtemperature Shutdown error. This is a serious error and requires immediate attention. This code is preceded by an E250 overtemperature warning code for half a minute before the related drive generates the F818 error code.

Causes for the F818 Fault Code

The primary reason for any overheating problem is inadequate or insufficient cooling, and this applies to the F818 fault code as well. The causes for the drive to get overheated and the F818 fault code to get generated are given below.

  • A malfunctioning or damaged internal blower of the drive
  • The air conditioner of the control cabinet not working
  • Incorrect settings or dimensions of the control cabinet


How can the F818 fault code be resolved?

The first step towards fixing the F818 fault code is to check if the blower's fan is in working condition. If this has failed, it will cause the blower to malfunction, and the drive has to be replaced.  A replacement will also be needed if the blower is damaged. 

Check the air conditioner of the control cabinet and get it fixed. It is important not to opt to keep the cabinet door open and use a box fan as a remedial measure. If there is no problem with the blower and the air conditioner, the issue may be with the size of the control cabinet. It may be required to use a bigger control cabinet.

Can the F818 fault code be cleared in the factory where the drive is installed?

The best way to clear the F818 fault code is to seek professional assistance. The person operating the drive doesn't need to be familiar with doing a drive replacement or fixing a faulty air conditioner.

Wake Industrial has a huge inventory of Indramat products and can help you get the right drive if it has to be replaced. We can also offer solutions for fixing a faulty air conditioner or determining the right size for your control cabinet, apart from offering other recommended repair services and quotes at an affordable price.

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