What Is the Indramat F634 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat, as a company, is now defunct, resulting in its products no longer being manufactured. The company’s products included several types of motors, drive controllers, encoders, power supplies and more for motion control systems. The manufacturer has also created a list of error codes classified under various categories to simplify troubleshooting its products and fixing their errors. Some errors can be fixed in-house very easily, while some others need professional assistance to be addressed.

The F634 fault code is one of the several traverse range errors generated by the drive controller on its H1 status indicator as F6 followed by 34 alternatively. This fault code is triggered by the drive controller when the emergency stop device is activated. This results in the drive operation getting suspended, and the velocity set point value is set to zero. Moreover, when a traverse range error is triggered, the speed command is immediately set to zero by the drive.

Emergency Stop Switch Functions

As the name indicates, the emergency stop switch is typically a red pushbutton labeled Emergency Stop. This button can be used to prevent untoward consequences by terminating a process or shutting down a machine quickly when there is an emergency.  This switch or button is typically deployed in industrial environments to safeguard personnel and equipment when hazardous situations and materials are being handled. Some functions of the emergency stop switch are given below.

  • Shut off the power supply to machines
  • Stop or end the production processes
  • Prevent hazardous materials from entering the environment


What are the key components of the emergency stop switch?

The emergency stop switch encompasses several components that work in unison to enable its proper functioning. One major component is a relay switch that controls the power supplied to the machines. The other key component is a contactor which disconnects the power supply from the machines. The emergency stop switch must always be mounted in an easily accessible location.

What happens when the emergency stop switch is pressed?

When the emergency stop switch is pressed, the operation of the associated machine is halted after the command value is set to zero. An error is then reported to the Class 1 diagnostics parameter S-0-0011 and the F634 fault code is generated.

Can the F634 fault code be in-house?

Although resolving the F634 fault code in-house may be possible, it is best to leave this task to professionals. This is because there are several reasons why the emergency stop switch may have been activated, and it can take time to identify the exact reason and eliminate the malfunction. On the other hand, professionals will be able to isolate the cause and take the required action more efficiently and quickly.

The team at Wake Industrial can lend a helping hand when you encounter the F634 fault code in your motion control system. With years of experience in dealing with various Indramat products, they can quickly identify the cause and resolve the issue so that your factory is not affected by downtime. We can also offer refurbished Indramat products if you need to replace any of your own.

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