What Is the Indramat F406 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat was a leader in motion control systems until its acquisition by Rexroth and later takeover by Bosch Rexroth which made it defunct. The company’s motion control products include motors, encoders, drive controllers, power supplies and more in a wide range of configurations to meet any need for just about any application. They are known for their high performance and long life, which is why you can still find them in motion control systems that incorporated them a couple of decades ago.

The manufacturer’s products are no longer being made; hence, it is impossible to procure new products if you need them. Refurbished products are available through various sources like Bosch Rexroth and Wake Industrial.

Indramat products are associated with different types of error codes with various severity levels to ease the troubleshooting process if anything goes wrong with them. Some error codes are associated with very simple fixes that you can resolve in-house on your own, while others are more complicated and require experts' assistance to resolve them.

The Indramat F406 error code is described by the manufacturer as a Phase switching without ready signal error. The error code is highlighted on the two-character H1 status display of the drive controller as F4 followed by 06 in a cyclic pattern.

Causes for the F406 fault code

Two instances can trigger the generation of the F406 fault code.  Both instances are associated with the SERCOS module and occur when one of the following occurs.

  • The SERCOS master module attempts to change phases without getting a ready signal from the associated drive controller.
  • The SERCOS module is malfunctioning or defective.


What kind of error code is the F406 fault code?

The F406 fault code is one of the several F4XX type F codes listed by Indramat. The manufacturer refers to such codes as interface error codes. The related drive selects the best decel set possible when these error codes are generated.

Can the Indramat F406 fault code be fixed in-house?

The F406 fault code does not highlight one of those simple errors you can resolve in the factory. It can be fixed only by personnel with the required skills to handle such errors. So, you must seek professional support if you encounter this fault code when operating your motion control system.

At Wake Industrial, we have a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience attending to any kind of repair or service of all kinds of Indramat products. You can get in touch with us as soon as the need arises to get the problem addressed in minimum time at an affordable price and have your system up and running again at the earliest. You can also bank on us for various refurbished Indramat products if the need arises for a product replacement. These products come with a one-year warranty tag. Apart from replacement and repair services, we can also help you with a user manual for your product if you have accidentally misplaced or lost your copy.

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