What Is the Indramat F401 Error Code?

20 September, 2023


Indramat drive controllers are known for their high performance and reliability. These factors make it impossible to think of them ever encountering errors or wearing down. However, they do portray these issues over time. Since Indramat no longer exists, the company’s products are no longer being manufactured. It can therefore be a cause of concern as to what action should be undertaken when errors are encountered. The drive controller comprises a possible set of errors that you may encounter along with their fault codes, causes and remedial actions.

The F401 error is known as a Double MST Error Shutdown error. The term MST stands for Master-Sync-Telegram. The drive gets shut down automatically when it does not receive the master-sync-telegram in two consecutive SERCOS cycles. The fault code must be cleared to resume the system's operation.

Causes for the F401 Fault Code

There are three main reasons why the F401 fault code is depicted on the H1 status indicator. These reasons are mentioned here in the order they are likely to occur.

  • Disturbance in the fiber optic cables because of loose connections or damaged cables
  • Excessive reduction of the light signal
  • Malfunctioning SERCOS interface


What should be done to address the F401 fault code?

The foremost step in addressing the F401 fault code is to refer to the user manual of the drive controller. The fiber optic cables support data transmission in the form of light through plastic or glass fibers. Make sure that the fiber optic cable connections present in the SERCOS ring are intact. If there is nothing wrong with the connection, you can rule out the possibility of defective cables by checking for the same problem with another set of cables.

Check the damping of the light signals between the transmitter and receiver. This damping should ideally not be more than 12.5 dB. If the damping value reads higher than the indicated value, necessary adjustments must be made. Ensure that the SERCOS interface is seated properly in its slot. To rule out a problem with the interface, try replacing the present interface with a new one.

Can the F401 fault code be cleared in-house?

Indramat products are not designed to be repaired or fixed in-house. Nevertheless, you can do simple checks such as those on the cables to ensure their secure connection and replace a SERCOS interface by yourself in your factory. For fixes that demand a motor or drive replacement, it is best recommended to leave the job to professionals.

Wake Industrial is known for its specialization in handling Indramat products. Our team can identify the problems with any obsolete part and handle them with ease. We are closely associated with almost all major logistic companies to ensure that your faulty product reaches you at the earliest after repair irrespective of where you are based, and you do not suffer financial losses due to downtime. You can get in touch for any cost-effective solution for your problems and replacement parts or manuals.

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