What Is the Indramat F383 Error Code?

20 September, 2023


Indramat motion control systems are known to render unmatched performance when put to use properly. The manufacturer offered a broad spectrum of servo drives, controls, power supplies, motors and more. When the company became defunct in 2001, it stopped manufacturing new products. However, owing to their long lifespan, they are used even today in many machineries.

It is often perceived that Indramat products can never go wrong and will never let you down because of their high performance. However, errors tend to occur during operation due to multiple instances. These errors are highlighted on the H1 status indicator of the drive controller in the form of a fault code. The Indramat F383 error code indicates a line voltage fault, is displayed by the manufacturer’s DIAX04 drive controller, and is associated with the HVR power supply module.

Causes for the F383 Error Code

The Indramat F383 error code is non-fatal. This error code is triggered when the mains voltage of the HVR power supply module is above the tolerance limit set by the manufacturer. This power supply module can power various drives simultaneously through a single mains connection. Two key highlights of this module are given below.

  • The DC power supplied to the DKC servo drive or drives is regulated. This makes these modules the best choice when a stable voltage is required.
  • The extra power produced is regenerated, and there is no heat dissipation.


How can the F383 error code be avoided?

The F383 error code can be avoided by ensuring that the mains supply voltage for using the HVR module is within the manufacturer-specified range. This should ideally be 3 x 380 V to 480 V and must at no time be 10% more than this value.

What should be done to fix the F383 error code?

The mains voltage must be checked as soon as the F383 error code is displayed, and necessary steps must be taken to reset the voltage to the permissible range. It may be necessary to make use of a matching transformer in some cases. Although the line voltage fault is a non-fatal error, it cannot be ignored. The error must be rectified as early as possible to avoid untoward consequences and subsequent failure of the system.

The team at Wake Industrial has the required know-how to fix any Indramat product in a short period. Their extensive knowledge in the field can help you get your error codes resolved by them irrespective of the complexity if you cannot do so yourself. Moreover, Indramat products are generally not designed to support an in-house repair. Hence, if you need a repair of any of your Indramat products, you can get in touch with Wake Industrial to get it picked up from your place, fix it and have it sent back to you. If it is better to have a replacement rather than a repair, our team will advise you and help you procure a suitable replacement product.

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