What Is the Indramat F276 Error Code?

20 September, 2023


Indramat motion control systems are well-received for their affordability while delivering excellent versatility and performance at the same time. The manufacturer’s motion control systems are deployed across the globe even today, although the company itself is not in existence.  It is natural for the manufacturer’s servos to encounter errors after years of hassle-free and error-free operation.

The F276 error code indicates an absolute encoder error and is a movement-related error. The error is associated with servos that are equipped with absolute encoders. The drive controller stores the actual feedback position when turned off. The drive stores the motor's position when it is shut down and checks if it is the same as the motor's position on its startup. If the difference in value is more than the value stored in the absolute encoder monitoring window (P-0-0097) parameter, the drive controller displays the F276, Absolute Encoder Error error code.

When the vertical axes of CNC units slip downward, the F276 error code lets you know of an unexpected movement so you can ascertain whether it is safe for the drive to resume its operation. The status indicator displays the F276 error code as F2 followed by 76 on its two-character digital display.

Causes for the F276 Error Code

There are three reasons for the F276 error code to be triggered other than the value difference mentioned above.

  • The servomotor is turned on for the first time. This can cause an invalid stored position.
  • The motor installation is done for the first time.
  • There is an incorrect position initialization.


How can the F276 error code be fixed?

One way to fix the F276 error code is to ensure the displayed and absolute positions have been set correctly. If these positions are correct, the error can be reset by pressing the S1 button. If there is an incorrect position initialization, the motor will have to be replaced, followed by undertaking a check of the absolute position. An incorrect or bad position initialization can pave the way for defective feedback.

Is it possible to correct the F276 error in-house?

The possibility of correcting the F276 error in-house depends on what caused the same. If the absolute and displayed positions are set correctly, and the error can be cleared by pressing the S1 button, you can fix this in-house. On the other hand, if the error was due to incorrect position initialization or a value variation that results in the need for a motor replacement or exchange, it is best to seek professional help.

Wake Industrial can fix all sorts of issues associated with any Indramat product. We understand that no problem is too trivial to be ignored. When your system encounters the F276 error code, there is no need to panic, and you can always turn to us for help. We can help you with a motor replacement by getting you a matching motor with a one-year warranty from our vast inventory of refurbished products. We can also undertake repair of any Indramat product or parts.

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