What Is the Indramat F242 Fault Code?

20 September, 2023


Indramat motion control systems are known even today for their performance par excellence. The company’s product portfolio includes servo drives, servomotors, controls, power supplies and a lot more, including several supporting accessories.

An external encoder is used with the manufacturer’s motion control system to render the feedback information. The encoder is a sensor that delivers important details like direction, speed and position to the associated control. In other words, it helps to enhance the accuracy and quality of a motion control system when it is working properly.

The manual of the drive controller refers to the F242 error code as Encoder 2 failure: signal too small. When this error code is triggered, it indicates a failure of the external encoder. This often happens because of faulty signal amplitude and the right information is not passed on to the control. The H1 status indicator highlights this code on the display as F2, followed by 42 in an alternating pattern.

Causes for the F242 Error Code

The analog signals associated with the external measurement system are utilized for its high-resolution analysis. These signals are monitored based on two criteria.

  • The pointer length that is measured from the amplified cosine and sine signals
  • The maximum pointer length derived cosine and sine signals

The F242 error code is triggered when the pointer length is less than 1 V and/or the maximum pointer length is more than 11.8 V. This happens when there is a problem with the cable used for the measurement system or the measurement system itself.


How can the F242 error code be fixed?

The F242 error code can be fixed by first checking if the connection cables have a problem. Loose cables can be fixed by tightening them and securing them in place. If the cables show signs of damage, they must be replaced. It is recommended to keep a set of spare cables handy to cut down on money and time.

If there is no problem with the cables, you will more often than not have to change the measuring system or get it repaired because it is defective.

Can the F242 error code be cleared in-house?

The possibility of clearing the F242 error code in-house depends on what caused the error. If the problem is due to a fault in the cable connection, this is something that can be cleared in-house. However, it is best to opt for professional assistance if it arises because of a problem with your measuring system.

At Wake Industrial, we can fix both simple and complex problems with ease. If you are looking for cables to replace the affected cables, check out our collection of readymade cables. We have a large stock of cables in our inventory for you to pick up spare cables if you need them. We can also correct any problem with your measurement system with our several years of expertise in the field, especially repairing obsolete parts on time and helping to reduce the downtime associated with your system. 

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