What Is the Indramat F236 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat error codes are of different types. They help to ease the troubleshooting of the manufacturer’s drive system and take timely action to minimize downtime and incur losses. Although it is not likely that an Indramat drive will fail often, the possibility of the F236 fault code being displayed occasionally cannot be ruled out.

The user manual attributes the F236 fault code with an error relating to the position feedback. The error is described as an Excessive position feedback difference in the manual of the drive controller. The H1 status indicator displays this code as two halves – F2 and 36 in an alternating pattern.

When a system is restarted, the two actual position values are set to be the same and a cyclic evaluation is initiated for both the encoders. The variation in the actual position feedback values 1 and 2 of the two encoders in cyclic mode is compared with the encoder difference monitoring parameter A117. If the variation value exceeds the parameter value, the F236 error code is generated. The monitoring function is inactive if the A117 parameter is set to zero.

Causes for the F236 Fault Code

There are several reasons why the variation value exceeds the external feedback parameter value supported by the monitoring window.

  • The second encoder has been assigned the wrong values for the position feedback 2 type (C005) and feedback resolution 2 (C006) parameters.
  • The feed rate constant (A101) and the gearing parameter (A102) of the mechanical system between the encoder 2 and the motor shaft have been incorrectly set.
  • There is no rigidity in the mechanical system between the encoder 2 and the motor shaft because of instances like gear play.
  • The encoder cable is damaged, or there is a problem with this cable connection.
  • The input frequency of the associated encoder interface has exceeded the specified maximum input frequency.
  • The second encoder has not been mounted on the driven axis.
  • The absolute encoder has an incorrect reference point.


Is it advisable to resolve the F236 error code in-house?

With so many possible causes for the F236 error code, it is advisable to seek professional assistance for a resolution. This can save you the time spent in trial and error to figure out what went wrong and what course of action has to be taken. On the other hand, if you would like to work on arriving at a fix yourself, the manual is a good place to check for the order in which these errors occur and take the corresponding action indicated.

What kind of fault code is the F236 code?

The fault code F236 is a non-fatal code. While the error codes in this category do not immediately impact the motion control or drive system, they must be resolved as early as possible to avoid untoward instances in the long run. Hence, it is important to find a way to address this error as soon as it occurs.

You can turn to us at Wake Industrial the moment you find your system displaying an F236 error code. With our skills, we will figure out the reason at the earliest and set it right for you for a reasonable price. We have associated ourselves with reputed freight carriers for the pickup and delivery of faulty products to and from your place.

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