What Is the Indramat F226 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat may now be defunct, but when it existed, the manufacturer’s motion control systems and their related products were known for their excellent performance and life span. When set up correctly and used as intended, they functioned without any hassle for over ten years. Many motion control systems implemented around twenty years ago still house the manufacturer’s products.

Over time, errors tend to pop up, and when they do, they must be cleared at the earliest. One such error that might appear on the H1 display is the F226 fault code. This code appears in two parts as F2 followed by 26 in an alternating pattern. It keeps flashing on the display until the required action is taken to clear the error.

The user manual of your drive controller explains the F226 fault code as Undervoltage error. The drive controller keeps track of the DC bus voltage level when the motion control system is being operated. When the voltage dips below the minimum threshold specified by the manufacturer, the drive will shut down at once, followed by the motion control system as a whole and pave the way for the F226 code to be triggered.

Causes for the F226 Fault Code

There are a few reasons why you encounter the F226 fault code. These are listed below.

  • The power is shut off before the RF drive enable signal is shut off.
  • There is a disturbance in the power supply due to instances like dirty electricity.
  • The power supply is faulty and not working properly.
  • There is a failure in one or more cables.


How can the F226 fault code be fixed?

The first step towards fixing the F226 fault code is to check if the unit gets reset following the triggering of an E-stop. If this does not happen, the power section or the bridge is likely to be blown out because of a wiring issue. You will have to get the drive controller replaced. Look out for a malfunctioning power supply module causing disturbances in the power supply and replace it with a reliable and stable power source. You must also ascertain that you have a proper power backup. Disconnect the control enable signal and do a quick check on all the cables to ensure that they are intact and in good condition. Tighten the loose connections and replace damaged cables with good ones.

Can the F226 fault code be resolved in-house?

Simple fixes like connecting a new power supply unit in place of the old one, tightening loose cables and replacing faulty cables can be performed in-house. For fixes like a drive controller replacement, it is best to allow professionals to do the job.

Wake Industrial understands that resolving Indramat fault codes is not easy for everyone. Our professionals with years of experience in the field can help you with this. We also undertake any repair needed for your Indramat products. Moreover, with our huge inventory of refurbished Indramat products, replacement is also not a concern. You can also buy a copy of a misplaced manual from us.

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