What Is the Indramat F220 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat is known for its wide range of products for motion control systems. These products include several types of drive controllers, motors, encoders, power supplies and more in various configurations. Although the manufacturer is defunct now, its products are no longer being manufactured in the past twenty years, their durability, long life and high performance are the reasons why they are still used today.

The user manual associated with the drive controller lists various error codes for the errors that are likely to occur along with their reasons and the remedial actions. The Indramat F220 fault code is a non-fatal F code and causes the drive to shut down automatically as a protective measure like when any F code is encountered. One way that the occurrence of almost all F codes including F220 can be prevented or minimized is by opting for regular climate control and maintenance measures.

The F220 error code depicts a bleeder-related error and is associated with overheating. The user manual defines this error as Bleeder overload shutdown. The H1 status display of the drive controller portrays this code as F2 followed by 20 in a cyclic pattern.

The regenerative energy dissipated from the machine through the motor causes the bleeder or braking resistor to get overloaded and in turn, overheated as well when the energy is higher than the maximum permissible limit. As soon as the limit is exceeded, the drive performs a braking action and shuts down instantly.  As a result, the bleeder is safeguarded against damage because of overheating.

Remedies for the F220 Fault Code

There are three ways the F220 fault code can be resolved. These actions are listed below.

  • Lower the acceleration value if the power supplied is very high.
  • Lower the velocity value if the energy generated is very high.
  • Make sure that the drive is properly installed and check its rating.
  • Include an extra bleeder module in the system if needed.


How can the F220 fault code be prevented?

The H1 display portrays a warning code before the drive shutdown occurs due to the F220 fault code as is the case with most other F fault codes that trigger the shutdown. If the desired adjustments and/or repairs are undertaken as soon as the warning code is displayed, the F220 fault code can be avoided.

Can the F220 fault code be resolved in-house?

It is best to allow professionals to attend to the F220 error code if you are unsure of the recommended or desired acceleration and velocity values. They will also be able to guide you on whether you have to include an additional bleeder module. However, you can check for proper drive installation at your end.

Wake Industrial can help you with any service you might need for Indramat products. Our team can give you the best guidance for their repair and get it done with the same in minimum time. Moreover, our inventory of refurbished Indramat products with a one-year warranty plus user manuals offers assurance that your replacement needs are also met.

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