What Is the Indramat F218 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat produced various servomotors, drive controllers, power supplies, encoders and more for some of the best motion control systems. Their high performance and long life are two main reasons the company’s products are used in many motion control systems. Indramat product manuals have several error and fault codes listed in them that make it easy to troubleshoot if any problem arises with them. These errors are classified into various categories.

The Indramat F218 fault code is a non-fatal error code associated with the heatsink of the DKC drive controller. The temperature of the heatsink is monitored during the operation of the drive controller. When the temperature of the heatsink becomes abnormally high and exceeds the maximum allowed temperature, the drive controller gets shut down to avoid the possibility of getting damaged. The user manual describes the F218 fault code as Heatsink overtemperature shutdown.

Causes for the F218 fault code

There are various reasons why the temperature of the heatsink becomes very high, thereby paving the way for the F218 fault code to get triggered. These reasons are listed below in the order they are likely to occur.

  • The ambient temperature of the heatsink is very high and exceeds the maximum 45 °C permitted temperature.
  • The heatsink of the drive controller is very dirty.
  • The airflow is constricted by a control panel assembly or other assembly parts.
  • The blower of the heatsink is defective.


How can the F218 fault code be resolved?

The resolution for the F218 fault code depends on the actual cause that triggered it. If the ambient temperature is very high, it must be lowered by implementing appropriate measures, such as cooling the control cabinet in which it is installed. Check for grime, dust, grit and dirt on the heatsink and clean it thoroughly. Install the drive controller vertically and ensure sufficient free space around the heatsink for proper ventilation. If the blower of the heatsink is defective, the drive controller must be replaced.

Can the F218 fault code be resolved in-house?

Most remedial actions for the F218 fault code can be resolved in-house. You can lower the ambient temperature, remove the foreign particles on the heatsink and place the drive controller upright with adequate ventilation around the heatsink in the factory premises. However, if the problem is with the blower and you have to replace the drive controller, you must seek professional assistance.

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