What Is the Indramat F208 Fault Code?

5 October, 2023


Indramat motions are noted for their durability, high performance and ruggedness. Although Indramat is no longer in existence and no new products are being manufactured, many motion control systems deploy these products today because of their long-lasting nature. However, over time, these products or their components will likely need a replacement. The modularity of Indramat products makes them easy to replace.

The F208 error code is displayed as F2 followed by 08 in a cyclic pattern on the H1 status indicator. If you look up the user manual of your ECODRIVE drive controller, you will find the explanation of this error as “UL The motor type has changed”. This error code pops up when you replace the motor in your motion control system and power the unit for the first time. It keeps the operator informed that there is something wrong or a mismatch.

The drive controller operating the servomotor compares the motor type stored in the parameter file and the connected motor type. If the loaded parameter file in the drive controller features a motor type that does not match the motor type incorporated in the system, the F208 fault code is displayed and the basic control loop setting may also have to be adjusted.

Clearing the F208 Fault Code

The F208 fault code can be cleared in one of two ways depending on the type of servomotor deployed in the motion control system.

  • Pressing the S1 reset button – This error code is applicable if your motion control system deploys an MDD motor or an MKD motor.
  • Executing the C700 basic load command – This error code is applicable if your motion control system deploys a motor of the 2AD, 1MB or ADF series.


What kind of fault code is F208?

The F208 is a non-fatal error code. This error code can be cleared in-house without seeking professional assistance. It is one of the few fault codes that can be fixed easily in very little time.

What details are stored in the feedback memory in the motor?

The feedback memory in the motor features the regulator settings for the position, velocity and current control loops. When the F208 error code is cleared, these default control loop settings get loaded from the feedback memory into the drive controller. The control loop settings that already existed get overridden.

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