What Is the Indramat E831 Error Code?

5 September, 2023


The Indramat E831 error code is associated with one of the several E errors of a DKC drive controller from Indramat and occurs when the drive has an IN REFERENCE setting and the position limit monitor is tuned ON. The manual for this drive refers to this error as “Position limit reached during jog”. 

In simple terms, this error is encountered when there is a communication fault between the control unit and the drive. While the drive does not shut down as soon as this error is encountered, it must be attended to at the earliest to avoid any serious problems later.

The drive is associated with a specific position when it moves in a drive system. The movement stops when the drive reaches the set position or the movement results in a position beyond this point. At this juncture, the drive stops functioning and sends out the E831 error code.

Causes for the E831 Error Code

The E831 error code gets triggered because of problems with cabling, configuration settings or connectors. These issues disrupt the communication link and, in turn, lead to a loss of motor control. This will have a drastic impact on the overall system performance. When this error is encountered, it is necessary to do the following.

  • Inspect the physical connections
  • Check the configuration settings
  • Do a system restart

When the E831 error code is encountered, the motor should be moved back to the permitted travel area using the jog function, or the position limit monitor must be turned OFF.


What causes jogging in a motor?

Jogging occurs when the motor movement occurs in short intervals to reach the desired position, rather than portraying a smooth movement. In this case, the motor operation takes place with full power. The jogging action is also referred to as inching.

How can the E831 error be fixed?

The connectors and cables between the control unit and the drive should be checked if they are loose, disconnected or damaged. Loose or disconnected connections should be seated properly and secured tightly, while damaged ones should be replaced with good condition ones.

The configuration settings of the drive and control unit must be checked to ensure that they are correct and necessary adjustments must be made for proper settings between them. Parameters associated with data formats, communication protocols, baud rates and addresses must be given specific attention and adjusted if needed.

Turn the complete system OFF and power it ON again after a brief period. Initiate a cold start-up and adhere to the procedures and sequence specified in the manual.

Wake Industrial has a dedicated team with years of experience in handling all types of Indramat products. They can do a replacement or repair depending on what is appropriate. We are skilled in repairing all sorts of obsolete parts and offer you a warranty period of one year on all our products. If you would like to fix the error yourself but have lost the manual for guidance, we can help you with one.

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