What Is the Indramat E250 Warning Code?

3 October, 2023


Indramat error codes are primarily classified as fault codes and warning codes. While fault codes often prevent further operation until they are attended to, warning codes indicate that a failure will happen soon if appropriate action is not taken. Warning codes begin with the letter E followed by three digits and are displayed as E2 and 50 in an alternating pattern.

The E250 error code is mentioned in the user manual of the drive controller as a drive overtemperature prewarning action. It indicates that the drive temperature is abnormally high, and there are chances of it breaking down if cooling measures are not implemented soon. If the E250 warning error code is left unattended, it can pave the way for the more severe F250 fault code.

The drive controller is equipped with a heatsink that is designed to withstand a maximum temperature. Once this temperature is reached, the drive controller will continue to operate for half a minute before it shuts down. This 30-second time interval is provided for the user or operator to use the control system to bring the axis of the drive controller to standstill mode without disrupting the process.

After half a minute, if no action has been taken, the drive controller performs the response that has been preset in the best possible deceleration parameter A119.

Causes for the E250 Warning Code

As the error code description indicates, the high temperature is a symptom of overheating. The heatsink is likely to start malfunctioning when it gets overheated. There are a few simple reasons why you tend to find the E250 warning error code displayed during operation. These reasons are listed below.

  • The drive controller has a defective blower that prevents efficient heat dissipation.
  • The climate control feature of the control cabinet is not working properly. This may be because the control cabinet is broken or not of the right size.
  • There is no sufficient ventilation because of obstructs in the air channels.


How can the E250 warning code be fixed?

As the reasons for the error code are simple, the fixes are not complicated either. You can start by checking if the internal blower of the drive controller is broken and replacing the entire drive controller if it is damaged. If there is no problem with the blower, the next step is to check for a damaged or incorrectly sized control cabinet. You can use a new control cabinet that is in good condition or a bigger size, depending on what the problem is. Finally, if the control cabinet is also working properly, make sure that there is nothing in front of the air channels that can lead to them getting blocked.

Can the E250 warning code be resolved in-house?

Although the fixes are not complicated, it is best to leave the replacement process to a professional to avoid further complications. However, if the warning code appears because of obstructions in front of and in the air channels, you can attempt clearing them on your own if you are confident of doing so.

Wake Industrial can fix the E250 warning code for you, irrespective of the reason why your drive system encountered it. You will also need our assistance to fix this issue if there appears to be no problem with the machinery but you are still encountering the code. We have refurbished Indramat products to help you with a replacement if needed.

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