What Is the Indramat 78 Error Code?

5 September, 2023


The Indramat 78 error code is associated with a drive controller of the DDC, MDD, DDS or DKS series from the manufacturer. The H1 status indicator of these drive controllers is designed to display only a two-digit code, unlike the four-character code highlighted by the ECODRIVE drive controllers, where the corresponding error is F878. This is a critical error and must be looked into and addressed immediately to resume the system's operation without any hindrance.

The error code 78 is represented as a velocity loop error. When the drive controller has an active velocity loop, the variation between the velocity command value and the corresponding feedback value must not exceed 10% of the maximum motor speed.

If the variation exceeds 10%, the feedback value must do a self-correction with respect to the command value. When this correction does not occur within 10 milliseconds of the difference exceeding 10%, the current demand exceeds the maximum current limit, and the loop tries to initiate a drive controller movement that cannot be recognized. This causes the drive system to shut down, and the drive controller highlights the 78 error code.

Causes for the 78 Error Code

There are a few reasons why the feedback value does not get corrected within the specified time resulting in the display of the 78 error code on the drive controller. The key causes are given below.

  • The power section of the drive controller is defective.
  • There is a problem with the motor cable.
  • The feedback is defective or malfunctioning.
  • The motor cable is not connected properly.
  • The parameters associated with velocity loop parameters are incorrect.


How can the Indramat 78 error code be fixed?

The first step in fixing the Indramat 78 error code is to check the motor cable. If the cable is loose, tighten its connection. On the other hand, if the motor cable is defective, it must be replaced. Check the manual for the velocity loop parameters and make sure that they have been set correctly. The motor or the drive controller might require a replacement if there is no problem with the velocity loop parameters or the motor cable.

Can the 78 error code be resolved in-house?

The 78 error code can be resolved in-house if it is due to a problem with the motor cable or incorrect velocity loop parameters. If the issue can be cleared only by replacing the motor or the drive controller, you will have to seek the assistance of people with the required expertise rather than trying to do this on your own.

At Wake Industrial, our staff has years of experience handling Wake Industrial products and fixing any problems associated with them. If needed, we can help you with the drive controller or motor replacement to fix your problem. If you have misplaced your manual and cannot identify why an error could have occurred, you can contact us for a copy. We can also provide you with spare parts or accessories you may need.

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