What Is the F408 Error Code?

5 September, 2023


Indramat was a pioneer in the manufacture of motion control and industrial automation systems. These include servo drives, servomotors, drives, interface cards and a lot more. Although the manufacturer’s interface cards are renowned for their excellent and accurate performance, errors are inevitable.

The F408 error code is associated with a fatal or critical error of the Fieldbus interface card that stops it from functioning properly. When this error is encountered, the drive shuts down immediately, and the regular functioning of the system is affected. The error must be cleared at once to proceed with the normal operation.

Causes for the F408 Error Code

The interface cards help establish coordination and communication among various components in the system like the servomotor, the servo drives and the drive controller. The F408 error code indicates a problem with the firmware or hardware of the interface card that triggers a loss of coordination or communication among several system components. As a result, the system behaves erratically or becomes inoperable.

There are several reasons why the F408 error code is generated, as given below.

  • The watchdog associated with the interface card is triggered.
  • A non-permitted memory has been accessed.
  • There is a hardware failure, such as a loose connection, a faulty component or an improperly seated DIO card.
  • There is a firmware or a software glitch.
  • There are unfavorable environmental factors like electrical disturbances or excessive heat.


How can the F408 error code be fixed?

The F408 error code can be fixed by simple troubleshooting measures. The foremost step is to check for visible damage or defect signs like blown-out fuses or burnt components in the interface cards. If you notice such instances, a new interface card must be used. If the card is in good condition, the physical connections to and from the card must be checked. Loose connectors and/or cables must be secured firmly, while damaged ones should be changed. Finally, if there is no connection problem, the software or firmware related to the card must be updated or reinstalled.

It is possible to recover from the F408 error by turning the unit OFF and then ON again. If this does not help, a hardware replacement is often needed.

When does the interface card need a replacement?

The interface card needs a replacement if the F408 error code persists after the connections have been checked and corrected if needed and the firmware has been updated.

At Wake Industrial, we can help you diagnose the exact cause of the problem with your interface card and resolve the issue for you. If any of the components of the card need repairs or replacement, we can help you with that as well. You can get in touch with our experts, who will guide you with the product specifications and offer their recommendations on repairs. Our vast inventory assures that replacing or repairing your interface card with us is a hassle-free experience and takes much less time to get done.

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