What Does Refurbishment Mean?

30 August, 2023


Indramat products function like new for around two decades until they show signs of wearing down. It is when you might want to get them refurbished. Refurbishment can be considered one of the three Rs in a product life cycle, the other being Replace and Remanufacture.

A refurbished product, in most instances, works like a new product. Although such products are used, they are cleaned and checked at factory specifications for functionality and defects before they are released to the customer. Since Indramat parts are no longer being manufactured, their refurbishments are truly worth considering.

Reasons for Refurbishment

There are several reasons for the refurbishment of products. Among them, the following four factors stand out.

  • The products were returned because of defects or damage.
  • The products were originally demo items used for display in stores.
  • The products were sent back without being put to use.
  • The products were cracked or scratched during shipment.

Refurbished products are also occasionally referred to as reconditioned products or recertified products.

Advantages of Refurbished Electronic Products

Refurbished electronic products have a lot of advantages associated with them. Some of them are given below.

  • They help to minimize destructive waste. Electronic products tend to have harmful materials that can have a destructive effect on the environment when they are disposed of. This does not happen with refurbished products.
  • Refurbished products are available at affordable prices. You can get next to new products without incurring a huge expenditure. In other words, refurbishment allows budget shoppers to own high-end items.
  • There is a lesser demand for raw materials. Only faulty components are repaired or replaced instead of a complete product replacement.
  • Reliability is assured with refurbished electronic products. Like new products, they are tested to ensure that they perform as intended before reaching the customers' hands.

When you buy refurbished products, it is generally recommended that you buy them directly from the manufacturer. If this is not possible for some reason, such as from Indramat, you can always turn to trustworthy third-party sources like Wake Industrial.


Can a refurbished product be trusted?

Yes, refurbished products can be trusted most of the time. They are as good as new in terms of appearance and performance.  The added plus point is that these products are cheaper than their new counterparts.

How is a refurbished product better than a second-hand product?

There are several ways a refurbished product is better than a second-hand product. All parts and accessories of a refurbished product are often new and checked for proper functioning, while those of a second-hand product are usually used and not checked. Similarly, a refurbished item has a warranty tag you cannot expect with a second-hand motor.

At Wake Industrial, we stock a whole lot of refurbished Indramat products. Our team of professionals has tested them to ensure that their performance is not compromised to any extent. We can ship our refurbished products to you anywhere across the globe with a one-year warranty.

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