What Causes Problems with Indramat Power Supply Modules?

5 September, 2023


An Indramat power supply module is an integral aspect of a motion control system. This module is responsible for delivering the drives in your system with the required power. Hence, if a power supply fails to function properly, the motion control system will not function as intended.

A power supply problem can pave the way for several other problems. When this problem is identified and corrected, the system will continue rendering smooth operation. Hence, you must ensure the power supply module is functioning properly.

Most of the power supply-related problems do not call for a complicated fix and can be addressed in-house. Troubleshooting the problems effectively and quickly is possible when their actual cause is determined.

Causes of Power Supply Problems

Your Indramat power supply may have a problem for one or more reasons. Some common causes for these problems are listed below for reference.

  • Faulty or defective power supply cable
  • Overly high heat or temperature around the machinery
  • Bad or blown-out fuse
  • Weather conditions in the surroundings
  • Poor quality electricity


How can the problems with an Indramat power supply be resolved?

The solution for an Indramat power supply problem depends on what caused the problem. For instance, the power supply cable may be disconnected or loose or have a short, resulting in the signals not getting transmitted properly. A loose or disconnected cable must be secured in place, while a cable with a short should be replaced.

Operate the drive in a cool area and ensure that the AC unit and the blowers and cooling fans of all units are in working condition. While a fan may help lower the heat, it can only serve as a short-term solution as it can attract grime and dirt and deposit them on your machinery, resulting in overheating. Replace broken AC units and make sure the machinery is clean.

Check for a blown-out fuse throughout the motion control system and replace it with a new one of the same specifications, as this can trigger a shutdown of the machinery. This problem is often not triggered by the power supply module.

A power supply problem due to a weather change in the surroundings will get resolved automatically when the weather condition returns to normal. For example, a storm can trigger electrical interference and power outages, while a heatwave can cause the power supply to get overheated.

Watch out for poor-quality electricity due to a fluctuating waveform, frequency or voltage in the area where the system is operated and hinder its performance. These fluctuations can affect the power supply directly, and measures must be taken to make them consistent.

How are the fault codes associated with Indramat power supplies displayed?

The fault codes associated with Indramat power supplies are highlighted on an LED or digital display, depending on the drive. They can usually be cleared by cutting the power to reset your drive or pressing the S2 reset button.

You can trust Wake Industrial to help you clear your power supply related fault codes, as it may not be possible to clear them in-house. Our professionals can help you fix any big or small power problem with your power supply module and give you a one-year warranty on any replaced part.

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