What are the Indramat E281 and F281 Mains Fault Error Codes?

4 September, 2023


Indramat products are associated with various error codes to ease their troubleshooting. Each code is associated with a specific problem. E-codes are warning error codes and are used to indicate actions that must be performed as soon as possible for uninterrupted operation. On the other hand, F codes are more serious and shut down the system immediately until they are cleared. The E281 and F281 error codes are associated with a mains or power supply fault.

The E281 error code indicates that there is a problem in the mains that deprives the drive controller of the required power, but this does not result in the drive controller operation getting halted immediately. The F281 error code implies that there was no power for a minimum of three power cycles, resulting in the drive controller stopping its operation. When any of these two error codes are encountered, it is necessary to do a power supply connection check at the earliest.

Causes of a mains fault

Many factors pave the way for a mains fault. One or more of these factors can occur at a time. If left unattended, they can have undesirable consequences on the system's proper functioning.

  • The power supply unit is not plugged in or has a loose connection. This usually happens when the cables are moved around over time. This may be the cable from the power supply to the drive controller or from the electrical outlet in the wall to the power supply.
  • The power supply plug or cable is damaged. The drive controller will not get enough power if the cable connecting it to the power supply is corroded, split or damaged at some parts along its length.
  • There are erratic surges and/or spikes of electrical energy known as dirty electricity along the power lines, causing a voltage variation of more than the permitted levels.


What happens when an E281 error code is generated?

When an Indramat E281 error code is generated, the power off on error parameter (P-0-0118) is set with warning messages of an undervoltage failure and a power failure.

Can the drive operation be resumed after an E281 error code is generated?

It is not advisable to resume the drive operation after an E281 error code is generated without clearing it. If the operation is resumed after the warning without taking the necessary action, it can eventually trigger the bleeder overload shutdown F220 error.

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