What are Indramat F Error Codes?

3 October, 2023


Indramat was a pioneer in manufacturing motion control systems during its time. The manufacturer’s drive control system usually comprises several products like a drive controller, a motor, a power supply and more. All these products are associated with high performance and durability. They are designed to render trouble-free operation for over a decade if they are set up properly. However, with time, they are prone to wear and tear and other problems that have to be attended to.

Indramat has made the diagnosis of its products with its error codes. There are several types of error codes associated with these products. Some of them are more common than other types. The F error codes are listed among the commonly occurring error codes. They are usually listed on the H1 status indicator of the drive controller.

Different Categories of F Error Codes

Indramat has categorized its F error codes into four distinct categories. The first two characters of the error code help in determining the category of the code. These four categories are listed below.

  • F2XX – Non-fatal error codes

When these error codes are encountered, the best decel set possible is selected by the drive.

  • F4XX – Interface error codes

When these error codes are generated, the best decel set possible is selected by the drive like in the case of non-fatal errors.

  • F6XX – Traverse range error codes

When these error codes are encountered, the speed command is immediately set to zero by the drive.

  • F8XX – Fatal error codes

When these error codes are generated, the torque is at once reduced to zero by the drive.

The XX in the error codes are represented by two digits in the actual error code and are unique to the code.  When an error code is detected, the drive will perform an appropriate action associated with the error category. The F error codes give you an overview of what is wrong with your motion control system even if you are unsure how to fix it.


Are Indramat F error codes a cause of concern?

Yes, the F error codes must be attended to when they occur and cannot be ignored. Some of them are more severe than others and can cause the drive to shut down immediately. When this happens, the motion control system cannot be operated until the error is resolved and the error code is cleared.

Where can the complete set of F error codes and their fixes be found?

The user manual of the drive controller is a good place to look up the complete range of F error codes along with their causes and fixes. Some of the F error codes can be addressed in-house, while you may need professional assistance to resolve the other error codes.

At Wake Industrial, we have a huge collection of refurbished Indramat products in excellent working condition in our portfolio. Our team here also has years of expertise handling Indramat products. If you encounter an F error code with your motion control system and are not quite sure about how to go about clearing it, you can always reach out to us to fix it for you. We also have several Indramat manuals in our collection.

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