What Are Indramat EcoDrive Diagnostic Messages?

20 September, 2023


There are various categories of drive controllers from Indramat, with multiple options in each category. All of them render exceptional performance, and the EcoDrive range of controllers follows the same trend. These controllers have several features that make them superior and a step ahead of other drive controllers.

One key aspect of the EcoDrive drive controller is its diagnostic messages that get highlighted at various stages of operation. These messages are displayed on the H1 display of the controller as an alphanumeric code and help in the troubleshooting process if a need arises for such an action to be done. It is worth noting that not all the messages are displayed when the drive controller is in use.

Different Types of EcoDrive Diagnostic Messages

The first thing to keep in mind about the diagnostic messages is that not all of them indicate errors and are a cause of worry or concern.  This is because not all of these messages indicate that there is a problem. Some of them represent the operational state of the drive.

There are five major types of diagnostic messages associated with an EcoDrive drive controller. These types are mentioned below.

  • Error diagnostic messages
  • Command diagnostic messages
  • Warning diagnostic messages
  • Operation status messages
  • Status diagnostic messages


How are the diagnostic messages highlighted on the H1 display?

The H1 display is a two-character display. Hence, the four-character code is displayed in two parts of two characters each. The two parts of a diagnostic message are the associated diagnostic number and diagnostic text.  For example, the C102 diagnostic code is highlighted as C1 and 02 alternatively on the display.

If multiple diagnostic messages have to be highlighted, the display shows their code one after the other successively. The diagnostic messages are displayed in the order of their priority.

What do the alphabets of the diagnostic messages represent?

The alphabets in the diagnostic message codes have their unique representations. For instance, the letter F in an error code indicates an error, while those codes that begin with E are warning codes. Similarly, the diagnostic messages with the letters C and D represent command messages. On the other hand, the letter A in the error code specifies that the diagnostic message is a status message.

Among all the above diagnostic messages, the ones featuring error codes beginning with F and E are the most common. Among them, the F codes take more priority than the E codes. The drive controller manual gives an in-depth explanation of all the major error codes along with their causes and remedial actions.

Wake Industrial understands that no diagnostic message is too trivial to be ignored. We can help you clear those diagnostic messages that you cannot clear in-house. If you need repair or replacement of any part to be done following the display of a diagnostic message, we can also help you with that. We specialize in the sale and repair of various types of Indramat products.

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