What Are Heat-Related Indramat Errors?

20 September, 2023


When an Indramat servo has an unusually high temperature, it can be a cause of concern. The high temperature is often a sign of the servo encountering a heat-related error, indicating overheating. Often, when an Indramat part starts getting overheated or has an over temperature, a warning code is displayed first. This is followed by a shutdown of the part with a high temperature.

It is recommended to prevent heat-related errors from occurring in the first place rather than trying to fix them after they have occurred. This can be easily done by paying attention to a few factors. Ideally, the fan is checked two times a month. The fan should be replaced once every ten years.

Some Common Heat-Related Error Codes

There are a few heat-related warning and shutdown Indramat servo error codes that occur more frequently than others. Some of these codes are given below.

  • E250 – Heatsink overtemperature warning
  • E251 – Motor overtemperature warning
  • E252 – Bleeder overtemperature warning
  • F218 – Heatsink overtemperature shutdown
  • E219 – Motor overtemperature shutdown
  • E220 – Bleeder overtemperature shutdown


What are some causes for heat-related Indramat errors?

One major reason for heat-related Indramat errors is an open control cabinet. A common mistake made by operators is leaving the doors of the control cabinet open to dissipate the heat from the servo. This can cause dirt to accumulate on the servos, resulting in them overheating. Open cabinet doors also pave the way for condensation build-up on electronics.

Some other factors that result in heat-related errors are a broken control cabinet, operating outside the ambient conditions, high factory temperature and damaged or broken fans and/or blowers.

The overheating may be due to the occurrence of any one or more than one of the above-mentioned errors at a time.

What is the box fan approach for fixing heat-related errors?

The box fan approach is often adopted for fixing heat-related errors because it is considered to be a cost-effective solution. It can appear to fix or repair a broken fan rather than getting professional repair for a defective cabinet. A failed fan can lower the lifespan of the drive.

It must be kept in mind that the box fan approach often does more harm than good. This is because it does not ensure adequate system cooling and can trigger extra damage. An open cabinet door can affect the drive installed inside it and call for a drive replacement. It is worth checking on the fan when a defective cabinet is being fixed.

At Wake Industrial, we understand it may not be possible for you to fix all heat-related errors at your end. This may be anything, such as repairing a damaged control cabinet or replacing a part that got damaged due to overheating. You can rely on us to offer the best services. Our large stock of Indramat parts in our portfolio helps us to offer you a replacement for any part in your motion control system that gets damaged because of a heat-related error.

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