Understanding Indramat MSK Motors

3 October, 2023


Indramat MSK motors are synchronous motors that are also referred to as IndraDyn S motors by the manufacturer. These motors have a compact design and feature revised optical encoder systems for maximum precision and plain or keyway output shafts. They may or may not have a holding brake to support their operation. The motors must be operated only after ensuring they are neither faulty nor damaged. They cannot be operated if the maximum temperature is very high or the temperature fluctuation is very high.

MSK motors can be used in metal-forming machine tools. They are also deployed in paper processing, foodstuff, printing and packaging machines. These motors feature IP 65 degrees of protection and encounter axial and radial loads during operation. The protective sleeves on the connectors and output shaft must be removed only just before they are assembled. The encoders used with the motors have a data memory in which the type designation of the motors is stored.

All MSK motors have nameplates fitted on their housings. These nameplates depict the type designations of the motors and other important technical details. They help to identify the motors and procure spare parts when there is a failure. The motors can be installed horizontally or vertically, while their transportation and storage must be done only horizontally. To prevent damage, they should be stored only in a corrosion-protected and dry location that is free of dust and vibration.

Characteristics of MSK Servomotors

MSK motors are associated with several noteworthy characteristics that make them stand out. Some of them are listed below.

  • Extremely high degree of precision
  • High torque density
  • High dynamics
  • Compact construction


How is the temperature of the MSK motor monitored?

The MSK motor comes with KTY84 temperature sensors integrated into their stators. The sensors trigger a warning when the motor temperature reaches 140 °C and shut down the motors when their surface temperature is 150 °C.

What are the ambient operating conditions of MSK motors?

MSK motors are designed to operate between 0 °C and 40 °C. The operating temperature should at no time be higher than 55 °C. The ideal setup elevation is 0 to 1000 meters above sea level and never more than 3000 meters.

What is the coating on the housing of an MSK motor?

An MSK motor features a black RAL9005 2K epoxy resin coating based on epoxy polyamide on its housing. This coating is completely resistant to current mineral oils, sewage, seawater and water, as well as diluted alkaline solutions and acids.

At Wake Industrial, we have several refurbished MSK motors in our inventory. We can help you find the right motor for you if the need arises for a replacement. Our skills in repairing Indramat products ensure that we offer the best repair services in minimum time to prevent losses in your factory. We offer to pick up the Indramat product that needs to be repaired from your premises and send it back to you after fixing the problem through trustworthy shipping partners. We also have manuals for various Indramat products if you accidentally misplaced yours.

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