Understanding Indramat MDD Motors

3 October, 2023


Indramat MDD motors are digital AC servomotors that are used for precision motion control in motion control systems along with the manufacturer’s digital drive controller. This motor-drive controller combination renders a rapid-response and cost-effective automatization system. The motors have high-contouring accuracies at high feed rates when they are deployed for cutting in high-speed ranges.

MDD motors come with or without a blocking brake and have either a plain or a keyway output shaft. These motors also encompass two sets of windings and a laminated core embedded with permanent magnets made of iron oxide or rare earth magnetic materials to support electronic commutation. The choice of these materials ensures that the motors have low inertia.

All MDD servomotors have high-performance data and a high degree of operating reliability.  Their lifetime lubricated bearings, brushless design, and completely sealed housing help them deliver maintenance-free operation. The motor windings are integrated with a temperature sensor to monitor the motor temperature and prevent damage due to overload.

These motors are designed to be operated at a temperature range of 0 °C to 45 °C. Their installation must be done at an elevation of 0 to 1000 meters above sea level. When these ambient conditions are exceeded, the output data is decreased. The maximum operating temperature and installation altitude should never exceed 55 °C and 5000 meters, respectively.

Applications of MDD Servomotors

Nine types of MDD servomotors are grouped into three categories based on the application and machine in which they are deployed. They are an excellent choice for screwing, highly dynamic and high-precision applications. These motors are incorporated into the following machines.

  • Tool changing equipment
  • Roller feeds
  • Nibbling machines
  • Pressing and punching machines
  • Grinding machines


What orientation is supported by MDD motors for their installation?

MDD servomotors can be mounted in any orientation. They can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The vertical mounting can be done with the output shaft facing upward or downward.

What types of bearings are incorporated in the MDD servomotors?

MDD servomotors come with two types of bearings. They have a floating bearing on side A that absorbs radial forces. On the other hand, the fixed bearing on side B absorbs axial forces.

How does the blocking brake of the MDD servomotors work?

The blocking brake of the MDD servomotors works on the closed circuit principle. The brake armature disc is subject to a magnetic force at zero current. This blocking brake is activated by the drive controller.

Wake Industrial can help you with any problem with your MDD digital servomotor. We can fix any broken or damaged part of your motor or even help you find a replacement if required. Our product inventory includes several refurbished MDD motors in different configurations. We can also help clear error codes that you may encounter with your motor and offer you a copy of the user manual if you misplaced yours. We offer assurance of minimum downtime with our rapid turnaround time for fixing any product sent to us.

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