Understanding Indramat Firmware

20 September, 2023


Indramat motion control systems are highly advanced and are associated with a high level of durability. They can render years of uninterrupted performance when operated as intended and by skilled personnel. Most Indramat parts of the motion control system rely on firmware for their operation.

There is often no need to have in-depth expertise in the Indramat firmware when the system runs without any problem. The actual need to know more about the firmware typically arises when the motion control system shows signs of malfunctioning that must be attended to.

Role of Indramat Firmware

Firmware generally refers to semi-permanent or permanent software that is programmed or integrated directly into the hardware. Indramat firmware can be identified by tracing the type code of the associated product. It is possible to replace the firmware in-house if the operating personnel have the required expertise.

  • Indramat firmware helps to monitor, control and even change data in the motion control system based on the need.
  • The firmware associated with an Indramat product is designed to be stored even after the associated device has been powered OFF. This saves the hassle of having to do a reprogramming of the device each time after it has been powered down.


How can the type code of an Indramat firmware be located?

It can be challenging to memorize the type code of the firmware of a servo controller used in a motion control system. There is no need to do so as this can be located very easily. The first place to look for the type code is on the back of the controller. The type code of the firmware is usually pinned here on a firmware rating plate for reference. The firmware version and the related coded serial number are also often mentioned along with the type code.

You can also look up the user manual for reference to know about the type code of the Indramat firmware if needed.

Can Indramat firmware be updated or upgraded?

It is impossible to opt for an update or upgrade Indramat firmware at the moment. This is because Indramat, as a company, no longer exists. Hence, the company’s products are no longer being manufactured. The last set of products was manufactured about a couple of decades ago.

At Wake Industrial, we can help you get a copy of your user manual to identify your firmware if you have misplaced yours accidentally. We can also help determine the firmware type code for you if you cannot do so yourself. We specialize in several Indramat products and have a dedicated team specializing in repairing obsolete parts in minimum time to avoid the adverse effects of downtime. They are always ready to offer their guidance regarding repair quotes and recommendations about any Indramat product. Our association with a wide range of freight carriers helps us to get any product of your choice, irrespective of the size and weight, to any destination across the globe.

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