Understanding Indramat DKS Drives

20 September, 2023


Indramat products are used even today in several machineries. These products include controls, servo drives, motors, power supplies, and more. The manufacturer has a wide range of products in each category. The DKS servo drives stand out and are best known for their integrated nature. In other words, a single servo drive delivers both control and power with a control section and a power section. This eliminates the need for a separate power supply when using a DKS drive.

The servo drive is equipped with extensive diagnostic capabilities for easy troubleshooting. Its signal cables are connected through screw terminals. The drive is decelerated, and its operation is stopped by a dynamic brake system when there is a problem with its electronic circuitry.

The Indramat DKS servo drive is an AC drive used in conjunction with a servomotor. The connection between the drive and the motor is established using feedback cable and power cable. The DKS drive controls and monitors the operation of the servomotor.

Components of a Configured DKS Servo Drive

A DKS servo drive incorporates various components in its configured state. These components are listed below.

  • Basic servo drive unit
  • Software module
  • Command interface card
  • Configuration label
  • Auxiliary plug-in card

The basic unit can be customized according to the application by installing different cards in its U1 to U5 slots for maximum versatility and convenience. The command interface card can be a SERCOS interface, a positioning card or an analog interface with an absolute or incremental encoder or emulator.

There are no new DKS servo drives in the market today; only refurbished or factory-remanufactured units are available.


What are the different types of DKS drives?

There are two types of DKS servo drives, namely, DKS 1.1 and DKS 1.2. Both types are identical in appearance and come with three peak current ratings of 30 A, 50 A and 100 A. The difference lies in their internal structure. The 1.2 version supports heavier components and the ability to use an external capacitor bank to help with high-speed indexing. This makes the 1.2 version an upgrade of the 1.1 version.

What factors should be considered for a DKS drive replacement?

There are some important aspects to consider when a DKS drive must be replaced. The replacement drive must be of the same type as the drive that has to be replaced. A replacement with a similar or a non-matching type can result in downtime and extra repair costs. You can check the type of DKS servo drive used in your motion control system by checking for its type code in the system configuration label.

You can turn to Wake Industrial for any assistance related to your DKS servo drive. We can provide an operating manual if you misplaced your copy. Alternatively, if any part of the drive needs to be repaired or serviced, we can do that with our expertise in fixing obsolete parts. We also have a surplus inventory of refurbished Indramat products and can get you a replacement drive if needed.

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