Understanding Indramat 2AD Motors

3 October, 2023


Indramat 2AD motors are no longer being manufactured, and hence there is no way to get hold of a new motor, and these motors are categorized as legacy products. They come with an asynchronous housing and can be used only under the operating conditions specified by the manufacturer.

The motors come with a rating plate with details like type designation, maximum input voltage, vibration severity grade, insulation system, rated speed and more for their identification and feature protective covers on their plug connections and output shaft. These protective covers must be removed only just before they are mounted. These motors are available with or without a holding brake and a plain or keyway shaft.

2AD motors cannot be operated without a fan. They can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The output shaft can be positioned upwards or downwards. However, no liquid accumulation should be around the shaft when the motor is installed, with the shaft facing upwards. Their storage and transportation must be done only in a horizontal orientation.

Like any Indramat product, these motors are also designed to have a long life. Many motion control systems today use a 2AD motor incorporated into them a couple of decades ago. It is sometimes a better option to repair your motor instead of opting for a replacement.

Key Specifications of 2AD Motors

There are a few key technical details of 2AD motors that are worth keeping in mind when you operate them.

  • Ambient operating temperature – 0 °C to 40 °C
  • Degree of protection – IP 65 as per DIN EN 60034-5 specifications
  • Balancing – Full key or half key
  • Installation altitude – 0 to 1000 meters
  • Insulation class – 155 as per DIN EN 60034-1 specifications
  • Sound pressure level – Less than 75 dBA
  • Shaft end – Cylindrical
  • Bearing type – Permanently greased ball bearings with a lifespan of 20,000 operating hours.
  • Electrical connections – Power (flange socket or terminal box) and encoder (flange socket)
  • Listing – UL Listed and CSA Certified


What is the surface temperature of the 2AD motor during operation?

The 2AD range of asynchronous Indramat motors has a very high surface temperature during operation. The temperature tends to rise over 70 °C. They must be cooled down before they are touched to avoid the possibility of experiencing burns when they are touched.

Can 2AD motors be used in explosion-hazardous areas?

The 2AD Indramat motors cannot be used in explosive or hazardous areas unless they are offered explicitly for this purpose. These motors should also not be operated directly on a three-phase network.

At Wake Industrial, we have a huge stock of refurbished 2AD motors in different combinations and configurations. Hence, we can help you find the right motor based on your requirements and provide you with a manual for the same if you need one. Our team can also offer remanufacturing or repair services for your asynchronous motor and guide you on what would be a better option. This can save you from encountering further damage to your system by using a defective motor. All our 2AD motors have a one-year warranty tag.

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