Significance of the Indramat H1 Status Indicator

20 September, 2023


The Indramat motion control system comprises several parts, each of which has its significance. Some parts draw the attention of customers more than others. The H1 status indicator is a small component in the motion control system that is as important as the motor.

The H1 status indicator helps users understand if there is something wrong with the motion control system and if it is not functioning as intended. In other words, this status indicator helps in troubleshooting the system and taking timely action so that the performance is not affected.

Role of the H1 Status Indicator

The H1 status indicator can be considered as an optical display. The indicator highlights the diagnostic messages that represent the system status on the associated drive. It portrays various details, such as the ones given below, for you to take the required action.

  • Faults with the drive, motor, cables, conductors or controls
  • Invalid or faulty parameters
  • Improper use of the system


Where is the H1 status indicator located?

The H1 status indicator is located on the front panel of the drive controller towards the bottom. This is a two-character display found on all DDC, MDD, DKS and DDS drive controllers. The diagnostic code is displayed in alphanumeric format. In the case of four-character diagnostic codes, the first two characters are displayed followed by the next two codes in an alternating pattern. When there are multiple diagnostic codes, the H1 status indicator displays all the diagnostic codes in the order of their priority.

The user manual of the drive controller gives detailed explanations of the codes displayed along with the various causes and the corrective actions to be undertaken. The causes are listed in the order they are likely to occur.

Can the diagnostic codes displayed on the H1 status indicator be cleared in-house?

Some of the diagnostic codes displayed on the H1 status indicator can be cleared in-house. On the other hand, there are a few diagnostic codes that can be cleared only by experts.

What are the different messages displayed on the H1 status indicator?

The H1 status indicator displays error diagnostic messages, warning diagnostic messages, command diagnostic messages, status diagnostic messages and operation status messages. Most fault codes depicted on the H1 status indicator begin with the letter F or E.

Wake Industrial specializes in the sale and repair of Indramat products. Our team has extensive knowledge in the repair of obsolete parts. We can attend to all diagnostic messages that are highlighted on the display and help you clear them so that you can get your motion control system up and running at the earliest. We also have a large collection of user manuals with us. If you have misplaced your manual and trying to figure out what the diagnostic code displayed on the H1 status indicator means, you can reach out to us for a copy. On the other hand, if the highlighted diagnostic code calls for a product or part replacement, we can also get that done for you.

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