Should you Worry about Indramat Error Codes?

25 August, 2023


Seeing an Indramat error code pop up on your equipment can get the machine operator worried at the chance of operation failure. While the product manual can be of great assistance most of the time, sometimes they are difficult to interpret and put into action.

Error codes are useful to fully understand what exactly is wrong with your servo, making the troubleshooting process relatively easy. Moreover, with proper use of the Indramat products, it is very unlikely that you will encounter an error or a fault with them.

Attending to Indramat Error Codes

While getting an error code on your status indicator is not the end of your Indramat Product, it does however mean that the servos have to be fixed at the earliest to get them up and running again without interrupting the operation. If the user has not memorized the error codes or does not have a manual handy, it can be challenging to determine the severity of the problem.

Indramat has a distinct style of highlighting its error codes and each type is usually associated with a specific action. This makes understanding them less worrying and easier to diagnose.

Types of Indramat Error Codes

Among the various types of Indramat error codes, the F and E type error codes are the most commonly encountered. There are different categories for each of these error codes.

  • An F code causes an immediate shutdown of the drive as soon as the error occurs. This error has to be fixed to resume the operation of the drive. Some examples are F207, F219 and F630.
  • An E code is more of a warning and allows you to operate the drive for some more time before it gets shut down. It is an indication that there is something that has to be fixed. A few examples are E253, E256 and E825.


Can the drive be operated with an E error code?

The drive can be operated for a short period of time with an E error code that is more of a warning. It is recommended that the E code is fixed within this period before the warning turns into a serious error.

Can all error codes be fixed by the user?

The user may need the assistance of the service team to fix some error codes while there are those codes that can be fixed by oneself. Some errors are less complicated than others. Most error codes warrant only simple repairs and help to cut down on downtime. It is important to have your machinery fixed properly the first time when an error is encountered.

You can trust Wake Industrial with your servos when they display an error code. We will fix any type of error code for you in the minimum amount of time. If a repair is not possible for some reason, we are always there to help you with a replacement. The one-year warranty on all products is an added advantage. You can also check with us to get hold of a manual for your product if you have lost yours accidentally.

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