Should You Repair or Remanufacture Indramat Products?

29 August, 2023


Indramat products are known for their reliability, and they last so long that they are almost completely maintenance-free during their lifetime. They are practically legacy products now as no new products are being manufactured by Indramat right now. So, when they finally break down after their lifespan, these products can be set right by either a repair or a remanufacture.

Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. These must be analyzed before making a decision. Also, it is important to know the differences between the two processes before opting for one to get your Indramat product up and running again.


As the name indicates, undertaking a repair is actually a ‘fix’ of the product. The damaged or defective parts of the affected products are fixed and checked to ensure they function properly. The term repair’ can also be used to refer to the reconditioning of a product to enhance its performance and functionality.

Some points worth noting about repair are given below.

  • The entire product is not worked on when a repair is done on it, so prices are lower.
  • Repair is more cost-effective than remanufacture, and so may not work out to be an expensive deal.
  • The warranty time is limited and depends on the component that is repaired.
  • On the flip side, a repair extends the life of the serviced part by only around 50%. There is no assurance that the product will not fail at a later stage because other parts may start getting affected.


True to its name, a remanufacture involves a complete rebuild of the product. A remanufactured product is returned to its owner in new condition. All components are restored to the standards set by the manufacturer.

The following points are worth noting about a remanufacturing process.

  • The complete product is dismantled, and all worn-out parts are substituted with new ones while the product housing is relacquered.
  • Remanufacture can be more expensive than repair as new parts are used in place of old ones.
  • The warranty associated with a remanufacture often applies to the product as a whole.
  • The life of a remanufactured product is almost close to 100% as it is like using a new product again.


When is a repair recommended over a remanufacture?

A repair is often recommended over a remanufacture when only one or two product parts have to be fixed, and the remaining parts are in good condition without signs of wear and tear.

Is it better to repair or remanufacture Indramat products?

As Indramat products are no longer being manufactured, their parts may also not be readily available for remanufacture. Hence, it might be better to opt for a repair unless it is known for sure that the place where the part is fixed will use the manufacturer’s genuine and original parts for a remanufacture.

You can rely on us at Wake Industrial to thoroughly repair your Indramat products. We are specialized in repairing obsolete parts at an affordable price and without taking too much time to attend to them. Alternatively, if the product is beyond repair, you can buy it from us.

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