Repairing Indramat Legacy Motors

20 September, 2023


The term Indramat was synonymous with motion control for nearly four decades, until the formation of Bosch Rexroth, when it became defunct. Indramat offered products such as controls, servo drives, power supplies, motors and just about any product to implement a full-fledged motion control system.

With the company no longer in existence, the manufacturer’s products are also no longer being made. However, Indramat systems are still being used across the globe, and they are very likely to need repair of their parts and products from time to time. Indramat never outsourced its products and parts to third parties when it existed.

Why Indramat Legacy Motors Repair is Better than Replacement

It is advisable to opt for a repair of an Indramat legacy motor rather than considering a replacement of the same. The following list explains why a motor repair must be preferred over a replacement whenever possible.

  • The last set of Indramat products was manufactured around twenty years ago. This means that when you buy an Indramat motor today, you will more often than not get a new one.
  • It can be challenging to get an exact replacement of the old motor that is currently deployed in the motion control system.
  • There is no assurance that the legacy motor that you plan to buy as a replacement is in good working condition and will not let you down.
  • There will usually be no assistance available to help you with the installation of the replacement motor.
  • A factory repair of the existing legacy motor is more reliable than a replacement motor. Factory repair is also easier, faster and more cost-effective.


How can Indramat legacy motors be repaired?

There is no way you can send an Indramat legacy motor back to the manufacturer for its repair, as the company is defunct. However, the good news is that there are several third parties, like Wake Industrial, whom you can approach to repair your motor.

Can Indramat motors be repaired in site?

Indramat motors are not designed to be repaired on the premises. Most repairs require the assistance and skill of experts. These repairs cannot be carried out in-house. However, this does not mean that you cannot address any problem yourself. You can do simple tasks like changing a faulty cable in your premises.

Wake Industrial can help you with the repair of your Indramat motor. We understand how motor downtime can impact your business and fix it for you in minimum time at a low cost so that your system is up and running again at the earliest. We can handle any type of motor from Indramat with ease. We thoroughly evaluate your motor and give you our recommendations on repairs and repair quotes. If a repair is not possible for some reason, we can help you with a product replacement from our vast inventory. We can deliver the motor to your address through several reputed carriers. All our repaired or replaced parts come with backup support for one year.

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