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25 August, 2023


Indramat is a common name when it comes to electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic motion control systems for several applications. Now taken over by Bosch Rexroth, the manufacturer was a pioneer in the field of servo drives and servomotors. These servo drives and servomotors are now available from Bosch Rexroth in various configurations to meet just about any need.

Indramat was the first to introduce brushless AC servo motors. They are known for their ruggedness and durability with the prime focus on rendering maintenance-free operation. Although no new products are being made, most of the manufacturer’s old products are still being used. Some servo drives from the manufacturer that are still widely used today are the DKC, DDS and TDM series of servo drives. Similarly, MKD, MSK and MDD servo motors from Indramat are still preferred by people across the globe because of their excellent performance and ease of use.

Typical Applications of Indramat Products

The manufacturer’s servo drives are known for their cost-effective single-axis and multiple-axes automation control solutions. Indramat products are primarily used for 3D tracing management and sheet steel processing. The manufacturer’s servo drives and servo motors are majorly deployed in the following:

  • Assembly lines
  • Machine tools
  • Material handling equipment
  • Food packaging machines
  • Printing and machine presses


What is the function of the programming module in an Indramat servo drive?

One key highlight of an Indramat servo drive is its programming module. The module incorporates variable settings that can be changed to associate a servo drive with the specified servo motor. This makes the servo drive operation a hassle-free experience.

The modular design of the programming module makes the replacement easy through a plug-in design and allows you to get your machine running once again with minimum time. The programming module simplified the commissioning process to a great extent and lessened the overall commissioning time. It is referred to as a personality module in the North American market.

What are some advantages of using Indramat’s brushless servo motors?

Brushless servo motors have a high torque-to-weight ratio. They are ideal for use when high throughput is of great importance. These motors are also suitable for highly demanding and precision-related applications.

Brushless motors support electronic commutation. They achieve this by implementing electronic control in place of the standard mechanical commutation function. Moreover, these motors are faster and have practically no or very low running noise and longer lifespans.


With time, Indramat products also need to be serviced. This is when you can bank on Wake Industrial for assistance. We carry a wide variety of Indramat products and spare parts to aid in your repair! We can also assist you with manuals for your Indramat product if you have accidentally misplaced it, or fix your broken part with a year’s warranty. In most instances, our factory repair gets your Indramat drive or motor up and running like new once again. However, in the worst scenario, if the repair is not feasible, we can help you choose a product from our stock based on your needs.

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