Kollmorgen Frameless Motors

21 February, 2019

kollmorgen frameless motors

Kollmorgen has made big improvements to their motor lineups for 2019. They have spent a lot of time and effort into building cutting edge motors which cannot be matched by competing manufactures. One of their newest additions to their motor product lines are their ‘frameless motors’. Kollmorgen designed these motors around servo motor kits which open a vast number of opportunities for end users to design their motor dependant machines in a variety of configurations. Kollmorgen engineers describe a frameless motor as a motor which is primarily made up of rotor and stator components. These components are installed directly into the machine assembly, allowing the power generated from the motor in the form of torque to be transmitted within the unit.   

Why are frameless motors so effective and better than traditional framed servo motors? Frameless motors offer users the capability to eliminate all torque loss and all spring loss. This means users can expand their use of the motor by multiple factors. Frameless motors also have increased bandwidths that allow the units to have faster response times than traditional motors. Because they provide a more simplistic approach to motor design, engineers had time to focus more on results than an overall product. Specifically designed for weight and space reduction, frameless motors allow users to provide exceptional torque density output while in use. The lower overall weight of frameless motors enables the motor to consume less energy than traditional motors. Frameless motor consume less energy, can fit in smaller places, and can increase the overall torque output over that of traditional framed motors.

Frameless motors are meant to be direct installed into machines, meaning installation is not as quick in comparison to traditional motors. Frameless motors meant for direct drive connection to a gear, pulley, or specialized coupling unit. These means frameless motor are more responsive than traditional motors and have fewer opportunities to fail. This makes maintaining a frameless motor a much easier task than a traditional motor. Because the stator is fixed inside housing, the user has a big window to deal with TIR of the rotary shaft. The design and performance of the machine or automation line as a whole is not hindered because it does not require the user to make sure special tolerance measures are in place.

Installing frameless motor does not require special tools, knowledge, or skills. In fact, installation requires very little effort overall. Because adhesives have come such a long way in recent years, installing a Kollmorgen Frameless motor requires only a few dollars and time. Users also have a choice of stabilizing the unit in place by clamping the motor to its surroundings. Motors were never thought of as the piece in an automation line that would help increase responsiveness, energy consumption, or skew output. But with new Kollmorgen frameless motors, all of conception of motors has changed.

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