Kollmorgen Introducing 2G Motion and 2G Motion Products

10 August, 2020 | Industrial Manufacturing, Kollmorgen, 2G, 2G Products

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Kollmorgen’s New 2G Motion Products Will Shake Up the Automation Industry

It’s safe to say that Kollmorgen is a household name in the automation world. The company has been developing innovative solutions and new products since it was founded back in 1916. Now, it is doing it again. 

Kollmorgen recently announced its all-new 2G Motion System. The servo solution is based on single-source, systems-based design and is meant to capitalize on the performance of the firm’s AKD2G servo drive and AKM2G servo motor. 

Overall, the system delivers a ton of benefits and should see ample usage within the automation industry. It is an innovative product that takes advantage of industry-leading features to make a big impact.


Meet the 2G Motion System 

Something everyone can agree on is that decreasing the footprint of a machine while increasing its efficiency and reliability is a dream come true. For industrial automation engineers, it is at the core of what they do. 

Kollmorgen’s new 2G Motion System helps achieve those goals simultaneously. The next-gen system enables ambitious machine designs and functions thanks to its unrivaled power density and control. Paired with Kollmorgen’s servo motors, it is a solution like no other. 

Meanwhile, the new system puts simplification at the forefront of its design. This helps create machines that are “lighter, smaller, more productive, precise, efficient, and reliable,” according to Kollmorgen. The system utilizes single cable technology to deliver total control without all the wires. It’s also 20 percent smaller than its predecessor. 

Even so, the newly designed system delivers 30 percent more torque than competing systems without changing its package size or mounting. 

The entire 2G Motion System features Kollmorgen’s safe motion options. These allow engineers to apply functional safety improvements without the need to increase the drive size. 

What makes the system particularly interesting is the fact that it can be used in multiple ways. Components from the 2G Motion System can be integrated into entirely new designs or be used to upgrade parts of an exiting line. This gives automation engineers a lot of flexibility. It will also play a crucial role in making older systems run safer and more efficiently for many years to come. 


Benefits of Kollmorgen’s 2G Motion System

It’s clear that Kollmorgen’s latest offering has big implications for the industrial automation sector. Two of its biggest benefits relate to development time and machine cost savings. 

The system is designed to optimize performance in a variety of configurations. This helps machine engineers avoid wasting time on evaluating different component combinations from various vendors. Ultimately, it helps companies get to market faster thanks to a high-quality system that works from the get-go. 

Meanwhile, because of its innovative design, the Kollmorgen 2G Motion System delivers plenty of cost savings. Despite the upfront costs of investing in new hardware, the system should pay dividends for years after it is set up. 

Features like its single-cable design, dual-axis drives, and co-engineered options reduce machine assembly costs. They also help manufacturers cut back on material expenses. Thanks to the system’s improved efficiency, it requires less energy to operate. That leads to decreased operational costs that make justifying the upgrade easy. 

Needless to say, Kollmorgen’s 2G Motion System comfortably outpaces those from competitors in the space. Its industry-leading features make it a noteworthy release for the industrial automation industry.

For companies looking at ways to revamp their current machine set-up and for those that are working to design new systems, Kollmorgen’s offerings are certainly worth a look. They will undoubtedly have an impact on the industry moving forward. Don’t be surprised to see this 2G motion system in use across a wide variety of applications and automated production lines. 

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