Key Details About the Battery of CLC-D Motion Control Cards

29 August, 2023


The CLC-D is one of the most widely used and powerful motion control cards from Indramat. The card can be easily plugged into a digital drive from the manufacturer to render a cost-effective motion control solution. The motion control card is powered by a seven-segment display, a static display and a battery to support its operation.

The motion control card is fitted with a 3-volt lithium-ion battery. The card often fails to deliver its expected performance because of a battery problem. The most common battery-related error that is encountered by the CLC-D is the low battery error, and the E206 error code signals this. It is recommended that the battery be replaced as soon as this error is encountered.

Factors to Consider When Replacing a Battery

There are two main factors to be considered when doing a battery replacement. One important thing to be noted is that the new battery should be the same type as the old one with no change in specifications. Secondly, a battery replacement can cause some vital parameters and programs to be lost if the battery fails.

It is recommended to take a system data backup before battery replacement.  The following list highlights what will likely get lost when the battery fails.

  • System parameters of the CLC represented by C-0-xxxx
  • Task parameters
  • Axis parameters indicated by A-0-xxxx
  • PID and PLS data, CLC Cam tables
  • Zones, variables and point tables
  • FieldBus mapper, I/O mapper and events
  • Downloaded VisualMotion programs


Does the ambient operating temperature have any effect on the battery life?

Yes, the ambient operating temperature of the associated drive directly impacts the lifespan of the battery of the CLC-D motion control card from Indramat.

For instance, if the drive is operated at a temperature of 25 °C, then the battery can be expected to last for four years. On the other hand, if the drive is used at 45 °C for three shifts in a row, the battery's life is slightly lesser and can last around three years.

What are some instances when the battery must be replaced?

If the drive is in storage without use for over a couple of months and/or in a hot place, it is worth considering replacing the battery before you resume the drive operation. The battery must also be changed if you are using a used product.

Can the battery of the CLC-D motion control card be recharged?

No, the battery cannot be recharged. It must also not be disassembled or disposed of in an unsafe manner.

Wake Industrial has the expertise to help you with your battery replacement. You can also turn to us for information on the battery’s specifications if you plan to go about the replacement yourself. We are also ready to repair or replace the motion control card for you if there is a need to do so and give you recommendations on the best course of action.

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