Is DKR Drive Replacement Needed?

3 October, 2023


Indramat manufactured its last set of motion control products around twenty years ago when it became defunct. This is why the manufacturer’s products are called legacy products today. Their high performance, long life and durability assure that Indramat products rarely fail and that the DKR drive controllers are no exception. These controllers must not be used underwater or during extreme temperature fluctuation.

A DKR drive controller is deployed to control and monitor the operation of an electrical motor along with additional sensors and actuators in a motion control system. The controller has to be parameterized during its startup so that the associated motor performs the application-specific functions. DKR controllers have various interfaces and power ratings to make them compatible with a specific application. They are meant to be used with only components, cables and accessories offered by Indramat.

DKR drive controllers are compatible with 1MB frameless motors, 2AD spindle motors and LSF or LAF linear motors from Indramat. They have output power ranging between 10kW and 93kW and can handle motor resolutions of as low as 1/4,000,000 of a revolution, and feature an internal positioning loop control that is provided by the motor feedback.

DKR Drive Controller Applications

DKR drive controllers are designed for high stiffness and high-power applications. This makes them well-suited for two types of applications. These applications are listed below.

  • Numerically controlled machine tools
  • Printing machines


Why is it better to repair DKR drive controllers instead of replacing them?

The main reason why it is better to repair DKR drive controllers instead of replacing them is because of their legacy nature. There is no way to get a new drive to replace your old one, and you will have to make do with a refurbished one. Moreover, original DKR controllers hardly fail completely, thereby causing the need for a replacement because of their extended lifespan. A repair can also help extend your machinery's life and get you the best results from your motion control system. It is important to turn off the power to the control cabinet in which the drive controller is installed before repairing or replacing it.

What are the ambient conditions for using the DKR drive controller?

The DKR drive controller is designed to be operated at an ambient temperature between 5 °C and 45 °C. The operating temperature must not exceed 55 °C. The ambient maximum installation altitude of the drive controller is 1000 meters above sea level. The installation altitude should not be more than 5000 meters. The drive controller has reduced output and can get damaged when the ambient conditions are exceeded.

Wake Industrial has several refurbished DKR drive controllers in its inventory. Our staff can help you identify the right refurbished controller with a year’s warranty as a replacement for your existing drive controller if needed. We can also repair your drive controller in less time with our expertise in handling obsolete parts. We can arrange for any problematic Indramat products to be picked up from and delivered to your factory.

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