Indramat E269 Error Code Diagnosis

24 August, 2023


The error code E269 is associated with the ECODRIVE03 range of drive controllers from Indramat for machine tool applications. The letter E indicates that the code is a warning code and that the drive controller will fail if the required fix is not done. The specific E269 code is used to indicate that the brake torque is very low. The brake torque refers to the force that has to be applied to the brake to stop the machine.

This often happens because there is a problem with the braking system of the associated machine with the drive controller. When the brake torque is very low, the machine will not come to a complete stop because the brakes fail to produce the required force. As a result, if the drive enable is turned off using the brake monitoring command, the motor gets displaced and its holding brake will not be able to produce the nominal torque.

Causes of Low Braking Torque

Various factors trigger the low braking torque problem. The most common reasons are listed below.

  • The brake has an oxide layer on its surface due to a long storage period.
  • The brake has a coating of grease or oil on its surface.
  • The brake is worn-out because it has reached the end of its service life or a faulty component like a malfunctioning brake caliper.
  • The brake fluid is leaking.
  • There is a problem with the machine itself.

The actual cause of the error can be determined by executing a brake check command. It may, at times, be required to run the command more than once.


How can the Indramat low braking torque error E269 be corrected?

The low braking torque error of the drive can be corrected in two possible ways. One option is to start the brake monitoring command. This method is chosen if the warning code is displayed on removing the drive enable. The command initiates a re-check of the brake torque and stimulates the re-grinding of the brake. The re-grinding helps to get rid of any film or residue deposited on the surface of the brake, and helps the holding brake achieve its full torque.

The other option is to replace the holding brake of the motor. This replacement is needed when the holding brake fails to get its full torque even after multiple grind-ins.

Is it safe to ignore the Indramat E269 brake torque too low error?

Regardless of the cause for the "Brake Torque Low" error, it has to be addressed at the earliest to prevent the trigger of any safety issues or a dangerous situation.

You can rely on Wake Industrial to help you when you encounter the Indramat error E269 on your drive controller. Our service team will assist you in identifying the exact cause with their expert diagnosis and fix the issue for you. With our ability to repair parts quickly, you can be assured that you will not have to wait long to get your product to work again.

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