Indramat E254 Error Code

25 August, 2023


The error code E254 is one of the several error codes you are likely to see when something goes wrong with the operation of an Indramat ECODRIVE03 drive controller from Indramat for machine tool applications. The letter E highlights that it is more of a warning that the operation is not taking place as intended. The drive controller will likely stop functioning unexpectedly if the problem is not addressed.

The E254 error code is one of the less common errors associated with the drive controller, unlike the most common E001 & E002 error codes. E001 is a power supply failure because of a defective component or a power surge. On the other hand, E002 indicates improper configuration of the system. The manual refers to the E254 error code as a drive not referenced or homed error.

Causes of the Error

The control drive requires a homing to be done to a specific reference position if a selection of the absolute positioning commands is made when the drive operation is carried out in positioning operation or command-controlled operation mode.

If the selection is made without the homing action, the drive will not be able to reach its absolute position and the positioning command is not reached. This will eventually stop the operation of the drive and the E254 error is highlighted. In simple terms, the absolute positioning is carried out without referencing the drive.

Remedies for the Error Code

There are two ways the E254 error code can be addressed. It will often be needed to incorporate only one of the two fixes.

  • Select the relative positioning option instead of absolute positioning.
  • The referencing or homing command must be done with the drive.

Once the appropriate fix has been carried out, the error message has to be cleared and the drive must be restarted.


Where is the Indramat drive not referenced error code E254 highlighted?

The Indramat E254 error code is highlighted on the H1 status indicator. It is present on the front of the drive and highlights two digits at a time. In other words, the character set E2 is displayed first, followed by the 54-character set. These two character sets are displayed alternatively on the status indicator.

Can the user fix the error code E254 on his own?

In some cases, it may not be possible for the user to self-fix the E254 error code. In such cases, our team at Wake Industrial can help with the problem.

At Wake Industrial, our team has the expertise to address any drive-related problem and solve it for you. We also offer a warranty period of one year for any product that you buy or get serviced with us. Moreover, we assure you of a quick turnaround time with our service so that you have a minimum wait time. We also have a large inventory for you to use a drive from our stock while we fix yours.  We are readily available over a phone call.

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