How to Resolve Indramat Fault Codes

31 August, 2023


Indramat products are known for their durability and high performance. When operated according to the manufacturer’s specifications, they can perform consistently for a long time without any fault. Apart from their vulnerability over time, they rarely trigger a cause of concern for users. This is why it is often difficult to comprehend what to do when you eventually get an error code.

All Indramat products have their own defined set of error codes, and not all of them can be memorized. Their manuals are the first source of reference to know what these codes mean and what can be done to set them right. While some of them can be cleared in-house by pressing the S1 reset button, it may be needed to seek professional assistance to resolve the others.

Some Examples of Fault Codes

The fault codes or error codes let users know when there is a problem. They are an indication that something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed for normal operation. Some error codes are more common than others. A few error codes that users encounter are listed below.

  • F208 – UL The motor type has changed

This fault code is displayed when the system is powered up for the first time with a new motor. This is nothing to worry about and can be resolved by executing the C700 basic load command or pressing the S1 button.

  • F209 – PL Load parameter default values

This is yet another harmless fault code that is highlighted when a new firmware version is used. It also occurs when you use a different firmware. The system cannot process the earlier firmware parameters with the new version. This error code can be cleared by initiating the load basic parameters command or pressing the S1 button.

  • F218 – Amplifier overtemperature shutdown

This fault code is highlighted when the amplifier-associated heatsink has become very hot, causing the amplifier to shut down. This problem can be rectified by cleaning the heatsink, opting for a lower ambient temperature, enhancing the air flow or even replacing the blower.

  • F221 – Motor temperature surveillance defective

This fault code is initiated when there is an interruption or break in monitoring the servomotor temperature during operation to prevent machinery damage and effective running of the system. This fault code can be cleared by inspecting the motor temperature monitoring wiring for faulty connections or short circuits and taking the appropriate action.

  • F248 – Low battery voltage

This fault code is not very common, as a servomotor battery has an average lifespan of 10 years. The message highlights that the battery is running out of juice, and its voltage is less than 2.8 volts. The battery has to be replaced within two weeks of this message getting displayed.


How are the fault codes listed in the user manual?

The various fault codes are listed in the manual, along with all possible causes and their remedial actions. They are listed in the order that they are likely to occur. Hence, it is recommended to start with the first fix and then proceed to the next.

At Wake Industrial, we understand that no Indramat fault code is worth ignoring. We can address any fault code for you and get your system up and running. If you have lost the manual for your Indramat product and are at a loss on what to do, you can turn to us to provide you with the required manual.

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