How to Repair Indramat Products

29 August, 2023


Indramat products are synonymous with durability. This is why they have been used in large and small facilities in the past years. However, the company does not exist today and its products are no longer being manufactured. So, it is a common doubt if these products can be repaired, and whether they are worth repairing when they eventually break down over time or if opting for new substitutes would be better. The truth is that Indramat products can still be repaired and are worth a repair if done properly.

Why Indramat Product Repair is Worth it

Some salespersons or third-party repair shops that stock spare parts are likely to suggest buying a product of their brands to replace the faulty Indramat item. This is primarily because it is no longer possible to get new Indramat products as they are manufactured around two decades ago. The truth is that it is worth repairing Indramat products for a couple of reasons.

  • The new product may not be fully compatible with other parts of your drive and control system. For instance, the upgraded or alternative item may have an operating speed that is different from the remaining parts in the system. While it may be possible to get the item to adapt to the system, the results may not be the best. This may call for reconfiguring the entire facility to suit the new item.
  • Indramat products are designed to work without flaws for a long time. This means that these products will continue doing their job as effectively as before if they are repaired properly by reliable sources with the required skills.
  • A replacement of the entire drive and control system is recommended instead of the faulty part. This is an expensive deal when nothing is wrong with the remaining system.


Who can repair Indramat products for you?

As it is no longer possible for Indramat to offer a repair service for their parts, you can turn to Bosch Rexroth for the same, as they still deal with several of the manufacturer’s products. The other best option is to check out dependable third-party sources who stock refurbished or remanufactured Indramat products. They are likely to be able to help with getting your defective items fixed for you.

At Wake Industrial, we specialize in offering several Indramat products. We can also arrange for a pickup of your problematic item and send it back to you, irrespective of how heavy or light it is, through major logistics companies after repairing it for you, as we know how Indramat motion control systems work.

Our team can also offer you the required guidance on repair quotes as well as recommendations on repairs, and we offer a warranty period of one year for a matching Indramat product replacement if that is ever needed in place of a repair. We help you cut down on your downtime by working on even obsolete items on time.

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