How to Properly Diagnose Indramat Motors

25 August, 2023


The name" Indramat" is associated with the durability of their products and their motors are no exception with their rugged construction. This is why you rarely encounter any problems with them if you have set them up properly. There are a few major aspects of the design of Indramat motors that make it difficult to understand what could have gone wrong with them.

Five reasons Why Diagnosis may be More Difficult

There are five key aspects of the motor design which make it difficult to figure out why the motor is not working as intended.

  • Permanent Magnets – Indramat motors use permanent magnets made of rare earth materials that generate a magnetic field that is three times as much as that of an iron magnet. These keep the motor moving and also ensure that it has low inertia.
  • Lifetime Lubricated Bearings – The motor is equipped with lifetime bearings. Of course, the term lifetime does not mean that the bearings never wear out. They last for a longer period than the bearings in normal motors and have a lifespan of 30,000 operating hours or 20,000 operating hours based on the motor type without a maintenance requirement.
  • Overload protection – Indramat motors feature protection against several aspects. One such protection is overload protection. This allows you to fix problems due to overheating as soon as they occur and avoid the possibility of a complete breakdown. The F219 error indicates a motor overload because of excessively high temperature.
  • Brushless design – Indramat DC motors have a brushless design. They have the same power output as brushed motors but are quieter and lighter. They are typically maintenance-free as there are no brushes that trigger more friction which results in wear and tear.
  • Enclosed Structure – The enclosed structure of Indramat motors allows them to be operated even in harsh environments such as washdown environments. Moreover, the enclosure safeguards the motor against grit, grime and moisture that reduce its lifetime.



Q: Do Indramat motors wear down?

A: Indramat motors have a long life that allows them to render maintenance-free operation. They only show signs of encountering problems over time after they have been in operation for years like any equipment. These motors can go on for years without affecting the performance.

Q: How many types of Indramat motors are available?

A: There are several types of Indramat motors in varying configurations in each series to meet varying requirements. Some of them are specifically designed for operation in areas where there is a possibility of an explosion or in hazardous areas.

At Wake Industrial, we truly understand your concerns when your motor breaks down. After years of unmatched and uninterrupted performance, it is only natural for you to feel when this happens. Luckily, our team here can help you to get the motor working again. Whether you need a factory repair or a remanufacture of the motor, we can do it for you. If any of your Indramat products needs a replacement of their parts, we have that covered as well for you so that you have nothing to worry about anymore.

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