How to Procure Indramat Factory Replacement Units

20 September, 2023


Indramat products were readily and easily available until about a couple of decades ago when the company existed. Ever since the Rexroth and Bosch acquisitions, Indramat became defunct and ceased to exist. However, Indramat machinery and products are in use even today in many factories across various sectors. They are known for their long life and durability when they are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications in their manual.

Indramat products are prone to only one vulnerable factor, and that is time. Over time, they can show signs of wear and tear or even break down even if they are handled properly and used under the best operating conditions. With Indramat no longer in existence, the company’s products are no longer being produced for the past twenty years. This can make the process of finding these products challenging in the event of a breakdown or failure. 

Sourcing Indramat Factory Replacement Units

During its existence, Indramat never offered factory replacement units or parts through third parties. The company also did not authorize any third-party centers for replacement parts.

However, since it is no longer possible to obtain factory replacement units directly from the manufacturer, you can still procure an Indramat replacement unit in a few ways.

  • Bosch Rexroth has a huge collection of Indramat products in its inventory after the acquisitions. You can get in touch with them and buy an Indramat product for your system.
  • Do an extensive search and procure the replacement units from trustworthy sources. There are several sources or third-party sellers that claim to have a large collection of Indramat factory replacement parts. It is worth keeping in mind that not all of them can be trusted.


Is it feasible to opt for a cheap replacement part in place of a factory Indramat replacement part?

Indramat systems are known for their precision and accuracy. These factors tend to get compromised with cheap replacement parts as substitutes, resulting in the malfunctioning of the overall system.

Opting for a cheap replacement part in place of a factory replacement unit may help save a lot of money and time spent searching for such units.  However, this can cause things to backfire in the long run as a substitute can pave the way for downtime and result in huge financial losses. You may also eventually spend a huge amount in repairing such parts.

Wake Industrial can be your go-to source to procure all types of Indramat products. We have both replacement parts and refurbished parts in our collection. Each product in our portfolio has a one-year warranty tag. If we cannot provide you with the product of your choice, we have the next best option for you. You can hand over your product to us for repair in a timely manner to minimize the downtime of your machinery.  We can give you the best repair recommendations and quotes for your products and rebuild them according to original specifications.

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