How to Clear Indramat Error Codes

20 September, 2023


Indramat error codes may appear to be worrying and can make you apprehensive. However, these codes are an essential aspect of a motion control system from the manufacturer. They inform the operator about problems with various system parts, such as the drive, motor, controller or even cables. These faults tend to get triggered because of improper use, incorrect parameters or issues related to system hardware or software.

Some error codes cause the associated machinery to shut down completely. This is done to prevent damage to the machinery and/or system and avoid the possibility of personnel injury. These codes are highlighted on the H1 display of the drive controller.

Different Types of Error Codes
The H1 display highlights different types of error codes in an alphanumeric sequence. While some of them have to be attended to immediately, others must be addressed within a specific time. The first character of the error code, represented by an alphabet, indicates the type of error.
The letter F indicates a fault code and is of high priority.
The letter E indicates a warning code that must be looked into immediately.
The letters C and D indicate command messages.
The letter A indicates a status manual.

The user manual of your drive controller is a good place to understand the various error codes and the course of action to be taken if they are encountered at any time. If there are multiple reasons for an error code, the manual lists the causes and their remedial actions in the order that they are likely to occur. This can make troubleshooting such error codes easy and less challenging.


  • What are some common causes of Indramat error codes?
    Indramat error codes are majorly generated because of a loose connection and/or a defective cable. It is a good practice to check regularly if all the connections are secured tightly and intact. It is also recommended to keep authorized spare cables handy so that they can be replaced if they are found to be damaged.
  • Do all Indramat F error codes require professional assistance to get them resolved?
    No, all Indramat F error codes do not require professional assistance for their resolution. Some Indramat F error codes are non-fatal and can be fixed in-house easily.

For example, the F208 error code is generated when the drive system is powered up after installing a new motor. Similarly, the F209 error code will likely occur when new firmware is installed because the old parameters are unsupported. These error codes can be cleared in-house by starting the appropriate command or pressing the F1 button. Some other examples of non-fatal F error codes are F218 – Amplifier overtemperature shutdown and F248 – Low battery voltage.

Wake Industrial understands that not all error codes can be cleared in-house. Some error codes can be fixed only by replacing one or more parts, requiring professional assistance. If you encounter any such error code, you can contact us to resolve them. Our specialists have the required skills to handle any Indramat products and any fault that leads to an error code.

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