How Are Power Supply Faults Displayed?

29 August, 2023


Indramat power supplies are known for their consistent performance if operated as specified in their manual. These units are typically deployed in the manufacturer’s motion and drive control systems. The primary function of a power supply is to transform AC voltage into DC voltage for drive operation. Additionally, it checks the motor feedback, bleeder resistor load, line voltage, drive current and temperature and more. If an error occurs in any of these parameters, the power supply cuts off the power connection to the drive.

There are several types of Indramat power supplies available to match various power characteristics and applications. Like servomotors and servo drives, power supplies have their fault codes to ease their diagnoses. The operating manual has the entire list of faults associated with a power supply. Some common faults are blown fuses, improper voltage and shorts in the drive.

Highlighting the Power Supply Faults

The way a power supply fault is highlighted depends on the power supply unit itself. All power supplies have a diagnostic display that indicates the faults in one of two possible ways.

  • LED display – In this case, the diagnostics encompasses several red and green LEDs to indicate the faults. The actual number of lights and their representation depend on the power supply used.  On a general note, bright red LED lights trigger a cause of concern, while bright green LED lights let the user know there is nothing to worry about. In some cases, no bright lights also call for a no-panic situation. For instance, in a TVD power supply, no lighting is good news for a bleeder overload signal.
  • Digital display – Some power supplies, like the TVR and KVR units, incorporate a digital display and LED lights. They have a two-digit seven-segment display to portray the operating status of the associated power supply. As expected, the digital display provides more extensive information about a power supply fault than a LED display.


How can the power supply error messages be cleared?

While it is a good idea to take the appropriate action as soon as a power supply fault code is encountered, it is equally important to clear the error messages after the required action has been taken before resuming the operation of the machinery. This can be done by simply pressing the S2 reset button. This will cut the power supply to reset the device.

There may be some instances when you cannot clear the faults on your own. This is when you can turn to Wake Industrial to solve the problem for you.

What precautions should be taken when handling a faulty power supply?

Electricity should always be turned off for a while so the power supply components get discharged. It should also be ensured that the system is not moving. The power supply should be removed from the machine before any repair is done to it.

At Wake Industrial, we can do much more than clear the error messages of your power supply. We can also perform all kinds of repairs with your power supplies as we understand quite well about the impact of an unscheduled downtime on your business. We will fix the problem with your power supply and get it back to you in a minimum time.

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