Features of Indramat MKE Servomotors

24 August, 2023


Indramat MKE servomotors are used with the manufacturer’s drive controllers to offer a high-functionality drive system. They have a wide power range and low inertia because of the choice of materials for their permanent magnets. These motors have a brushless design that increases their durability. With a low-maintenance profile, they are sure to not let you down easily and are ideal for even the most challenging or demanding applications.

Ambient operating conditions of MKE motors

The MKE motors are meant to be operated at a temperature between 0 °C and 40 °C. They must be installed at an altitude of 0 to 1000 meters above sea level. These motors function with nominal data when they operate within ambient conditions.

Some key highlights

MKE servomotors have quite a few important features that make them stand out from similar motors from other manufacturers. Some of these include:

  • High operational reliability
  • Overload protection because of the integrated temperature control
  • Continuous start-stop operation due to electrical commutation
  • Fast and simple startup
  • High dynamics and overload capability because of favorable torque to inertia mass ratio and heat dissipation between the stator windings and motor housing

Electrical connection of MKE motors

The electrical connection of MKE servomotors must be established using only cables from Bosch Rexroth as far as possible. It is recommended to opt for these cables as they are UL/CSA authorized and are designed to meet EMC requirements. Moreover, they also have extreme load resistance and capability.

The electrical and mechanical connections have to be checked according to the guidelines specified for the maintenance schedule of the machine in which the motor is installed. If this is not possible, the check must be done at least once every 1,000 operating hours.


What is the design of the MKE motors?

MKE motors are available in two housing designs that differentiate them. The motors with housing design E comply with European Standards. On the other hand, motors with a U design adhere to American Standards. The type code of the motor tells you the housing it incorporates.

Are the MKE motors suitable for explosive areas?

The MKE motors are definitely suitable for deployment in explosive areas. They meet the ATEX specifications and have flameproof housing to support such operations. They can withstand corrosive chemicals for a long time when they are operated in spray-down environments. Moreover, the IP 65 degree of protection also supports use under adverse environmental conditions.

How long does it take for MKE motors to cool down?

It takes about 140 minutes for MKE motors to cool down after they have been switched off. This cooling time is approximately five times the thermal constant of the motor.

Wake Industrial can assist you with the cleaning and repair of MKE motors when self-removal of the fireproof housing is not an option. With our factory repair, we can help you get rid of the problems associated with normal wear and tear over time. As a bonus, we also offer a one-year warranty for our remanufactured products.

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