DKC Servo Drive Replacement

20 September, 2023


Indramat was well-known for its motion control systems. The manufacturer had a wide range of products to its credit, including the DKC series of servo drives. Ever since the company ceased operations in 2001, the manufacturer’s parts have been considered to be legacy parts.

DKC servo drives are available in different power ratings. While new ones are no longer available when a replacement is needed, you can procure refurbished or remanufactured drives.

DKC Servo Drives Fault Codes
Some errors encountered during the operation may call for a servo drive replacement, while others may not. The DKC servo drive highlights the errors on the H1 display on its front panel. The fault codes are four-character alphanumeric codes. In other words, the code begins with a letter followed by three numbers. Some fault codes are warning messages and not errors. These codes start with the letter E.

The list given below is a partial set of error codes displayed on the DKC servo drive.
F218 – Heatsink overtemperature shutdown
F226 – Undervoltage error
F248 – Low battery voltage
E253 – Target position out of range
E831 – Jog position limit value exceeded


What are the different types of DKC servo drives?
It is important to know the type of servo drive used in your machine control system so that you can procure an identical one if the need for a replacement arises. There are essentially three types of DKC servo drives.

The first type of DKS servo drive is the EcoDrive Cs set of drives. These drives have a low power range between 100 W and 750 W. They have a compact design and are equipped with a SERCOS interface. The second type is the EcoDrive Type 1 set of drives. They have only one power rating but two voltage options. These drives have internal firmware and must be disassembled to change the firmware. The third type is the EcoDrive Type 3 set of drives. These drive the same power rating as Type 1 as well as two additional power ratings. They have an external firmware module and require no disassembly for firmware change.

Does the DKC servo drive have a modular structure?
Yes, the DKC servo drive has a modular structure. This makes the drive replacement possible without any hassle. The defective unit can be removed quickly and replaced with a factory repair or refurbished unit. This will, in turn, help ensure low costs and less downtime.

At Wake Industrial, we have several Indramat products in our inventory. We also specialize in the repair of obsolete parts. This means that there is no need to panic if your DKC servo drive fails after years of uninterrupted performance. We can repair the drive in minimum time and also provide you with an emergency replacement unit to ensure that the downtime is as low as possible and therefore lower financial losses. Our team will do a detailed assessment of your servo drive and give you the best repair quote and recommendation. All our refurbished products come with a one-year warranty period.

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