Cooling Indramat Motors

28 August, 2023


Indramat motors are known for their excellent performance and ability to even perform in adverse environmental conditions. Some of them are specifically designed to support operations in areas with a possibility of explosion.

Heat-related error codes of the motors are directly related to the external temperature. As the outside temperature increases, overtemperature warnings and shutdown-related error codes occur more frequently. Although it might be tempting to opt for different shortcuts to cool the motors, these shortcuts can have a negative impact on them.

If the climate control cabinet housing the servomotor and the incorporated cooling system are in working condition, the servomotor cooling will occur as intended. There will be no need to use box fans set to a high speed or keep the control cabinet doors open to achieve the cooling action.

Tips to Cool Indramat Motors

Some tips to be considered for the effective cooling of Indramat motors are given below.

  • The best way to cool an Indramat motor is to use a climate control cabinet. They can regulate the surrounding temperature and prevent the motor from overheating. These cabinets can also help in avoiding issues related to humidity and condensation.
  • For liquid-cooled motors, only liquid coolants specified by the manufacturer should be used. The motor has a possibility of getting damaged if non-approved coolants are used.
  • Avoid using dry ice or large oscillating or box fans to cool the servomotor. This is because the fan blades attract grime, grit, debris and dust and tend to release them in the direction the fan faces. If the servomotor happens to be in front of the fan, a thick gunk film may get deposited on the surface of the servomotor and affect its functionality. As a result, getting the fan repaired can work out to be an expensive deal.


What is the cooling time for an Indramat motor?

An Indramat motor takes up to 140 minutes or two and a half hours to cool down completely after it has been disconnected from the power supply. This duration is around five times the value of its thermal constant.

Is it dangerous to touch the motor before it is cooled?

The motor can cause burns if it is touched before it has cooled down. If this cannot be avoided and the motor has to be accessed when its surface is hot, it is recommended that you wear safety gloves before you touch it.

Wake Industrial is always ready to fix your servomotor for you. When operated within favorable conditions, they last longer than you think. If the motor is damaged or its functionality is affected by overheating, you can always get it across to us. We will do a detailed assessment of the product and let you know the recommended repair action along with the repair quote. We can also provide you with the manual for your motor if you have misplaced yours. Alternatively, if you are unsure what kind of motor you need, our team can help you find it.

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